04 Feb: Bitcoins for Auction


BTC: $9,170.74 | ETH: $185.23 | XRP: $.249 | BCH: $376.62 | BSV: $272.39 MC: 255,374,999,950 | Dominance: 65.33%


  • $37,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) for Sale by US Government, Registration for Online Auction Begins (The Daily Hodl)

  • When Will We See the Digital Dollar? ‘Crypto Dad’ Says Soon (Coindesk)

  • Electronic Voting With Blockchain: An Experience From Naples, Italy (Cointelegraph)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - My Prediction Is That By May 2020, Media Outlets Will Pull A TOTAL 180° On Bitcoin!


The Crypto Conversation [Andy Pickering] - The Bitcoin Halving - the countdown begins

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