06 Aug: Daily Podcast

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Stephan Livera [Stephan Livera] - 198 Caitlin Long – What Are Austrian Economists Missing About Money And Banking?

Total Bitcoin [Keyvan Davani] - #112: Lesung von Parker Lewis´ Artikel "Bitcoin, Nicht Blockchain"

Once BITten! [Daniel Prince] - @BrendanLane19 - Inflation Is Directly Robbing People, Bitcoin Gives Me A Lot Of Hope.

The Break Down [Nathaniel Whittemore] - Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on Stagflation, Bitcoin and the Devalued Dollar

The Bitcoin Podcast [Demetrick, & Corey] - #316-Robert Materazzi & Roger Brown of Lukka

Bitcoin Audible [Guy Swann] - Chat_45 - Bitcoin & an Energy Revolution, A panel at the VOB Conf

Base Layer [David Nage] - 161: Kain Warwick, Founder @ Synthetix on

Chain Reaction [Tom Shaughnessy] - U.S. Dominance in the "New Normal"

Layer1 [Dimitry, Mike, CryptoQ_1] - Konstantin Richter (Blockdaemon) - The Myth of Decentralization, Blockchain Governance in 2020, Do Networks Need Leaders?, The Future of Staking

Beards & Bitcoins [JChains - Bitboy] - Cryptocom Drama + Ceek VR

Crypto 101 [Bryce Paul & Mr. Pizza Mind] - Ep. 339 - Decentralized Storage: The Final Frontier, w/ Bluzelle CEO & founder, Pavel Bains

Bitcoin Magazine [Dave Hollerith] - FED Watch - “Fed Insider Reveals What’s Really Going On (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth)” - FED 18

4 Minute Crypto [Gary Leland] - US Printed More Money in 1 Month Than in 2 Centuries

Bitcoin And … [David Bennet] - Ep 264 For a full digest of the news become a Patreon Supporter

Kitu Life Super Coffee - Delicious blend of real ingredients for all day energy - Catch The Buzz!

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