07 Aug: Daily Podcast

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Untold Stories [Charlie Shrem] - Rebuilding Wall Street: CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky Reveals his Plans for the 99%

Unconfirmed [Laura Shin] - $5 Billion in AUM: Why Growth at Grayscale Exploded in the Last Quarter

The Scoop [Frank Chaparro] - Fundstrat's Tom Lee on why boomers are buying gold while millennials are trading bitcoin

The Break Down [Nathaniel Whittemore] - The History, Present, and Future of Central Banks, Feat. George Selgin

Tales from the Crypt [Marty Bent & Matt Odell] - Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2020.08.03

Bitcoin Audible [Guy Swann] - Read_426 - Discovering Bitcoin #3 Introducing Money [Giacomo Zucco]

POV Crypto [David Hoffman & Christian Keroles] - 157 - Bull Market Fight Night!

Bad Crypto Podcast [Joel Comm & Travis Wright] - Bitcoin and Gold on the Rise as Dollar Falls

Fintech Beat [Chris Brummer] - Wirecard vs. the Twitter hack

Hashing It Out [Collin Cusce] - #90- Core Scientific-Ian Ferreira

Fun With Bitcoin [Ben Arc, Oliver Gugger, CryptoCloaks, My2Sats, Rootzoll, Frenkie] - Interview with NICO aka @Bitvolt7

Ledger Cast [Brian Krogsgard and Josh Olszewicz] - The Brrr goes on

Unhashed Podcast [Ruben, Mario, Bryan, & Colin] - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w_@NVK)

Bitcoin And … [David Bennet] - Ep 265 For a full digest of the news become a Patreon Supporter

Kitu Life Super Coffee - Delicious blend of real ingredients for all day energy - Catch The Buzz!

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