09 Dec: Congress Don't Be Heavy-Handed

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Big News Of The Day: Crypto Executives Advise Congress Against Heavy-Handed Regulation

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The congressional headings with the executives of some of the leading Crypto companies happened yesterday and the main message appears that Congress shouldn't be heavy handed in regulation.

Brian Brooks, BitFury CEO, proposed regulators treat crypto in much the same way as traditional financial institutions rather than creating an entirely new body to create a single framework for digital assets. In addition, If XRP is a security, list it on U.S. exchanges.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin because it is more than just a hedge against inflation, Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Digital’s CEO, opined.

Bitcoin dips below $50K as Evergrande defaults on US dollar debt and Altcoins flash green; mainly Mongoose Coin $MONG which is up 80,000% thanks to Brad Sherman. Other Altcoins in the news today: $SOL $LINK $DFI $CRV $SHIB $LUNA.

Analyst's Corner: Credible Crypto, crypto analyst and trader, says XRP, BTC, CRV and ETH are on his watch list have survived the recent market-wide pullback and are now primed to jump. Raoul Pal says he built a basket of 10 equally weighted large-cap altcoins. He later added the smart contract platform Solana (SOL) to his portfolio as well. Cryptocurrency analyst Aaron Arnold is naming LINK and XTX that he says possess massive potential.

Best Performing Top 10 Asset is: XRP - $0.91

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