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1 Million Satoshi Giveway!

Updated: May 11

Sponsored by: Kitu Life Super Coffee


Thanks to the following folks for participating in my fun little competition. While the participation was low, it provides these folks with a much greater chance to win! Each week month I will update the progress but if today was 12/31/20 - Matthew you'd win 1M Satoshis!

In addition, thanks to Kitu Life for supporting this fun endeavor, so have @ShortTheBanks who will provide a mug and more prizes to come!

In celebration of the third Bitcoin halving, I've decided to have some fun; maybe you will join in with me.

I'd like to see if we can guess what the top 5 digital assets will be on December 31st, 2020 at 11:59PM.

The furthest back I could go on CoinMarketCap was 2013 and check out the top 5:

Of course that was after the 1st halving, but check out what was the top 5 were right before the second halving:

Now, here we are, weeks before the third halving:

What will it be??? DEADLINE to enter will be May 10th!


In order to qualify you will need to do the following:

1. Follow me on Twitter or Linkedin and send me a DM your picks. I am using the honor system that you will only enter once!

2. Follow the sponsor of this fun little competition on Twitter Kitu Life Super Coffee. Jimmy, Jordan, and Jake have created the most amazing coffee so check it out and Catch The Buzz!

3. Wait :)


1. If you can pick the top 5 digital assets (in the correct order) and the price of Bitcoin to the dollar - you will win the top prize: 1M Satoshis! (In the event of tie - the pot will be split evenly)

2. If you can pick the top 5 digital assets in the correct order - you will win a case of Super Coffee, Espresso, Creamer and Pods! (Must be in the US to win)

3. I will be adding addition tiers and prizes so stay soon!

I will have a leader board that I will post on my website weekly. Good luck to everyone!



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