10 Feb: Weiss: Let me upgrade ya


BTC: $9,815.64 | ETH: $218.75 | XRP: $.271 | BCH: $441.42 | BSV: $340.42 MC: 280,532,391,826 | Dominance: 63.66%


  • Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Upgrades Overall Rating for Bitcoin (BTC) to ‘A-’ (CryptoGlobe)

  • VanEck Report Illustrates Why Institutions Should Hold Bitcoin (Cointelegraph)

  • Scarcity: There Is Only One Bitcoin For Every 333 People In The World (CryptoPotato)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Buzz - Bitcoin Dips to $9800 | Ethereum 2.0 All You Need To Know


Let's Talk Bitcoin [Adam, Andreas, Jonathan, & Stephanie] - #426 Bitcoin Taxes and Real World Scams!

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