13 Nov: Weekend Recap

"Attitude and results follow one another like night follows day."

-Bob Proctor

Happy Saturday! Let's get after it...

My Hot Take!

Bitcoin is no longer stuck per se but it's not blowing off any doors. That said - we are preparing for Taproot to go into live in 17 hours. Taproot, the long-anticipated Bitcoin upgrade, will activate this weekend at block 709,632, opening the door for developers to integrate new features that will improve privacy, scalability and security on the network; this is a BFD!

Biggest news article of the week for me was on Tuesday. PlanB's S2FX model continues to be incredibly accurate. His prediction is that Bitcoin will reach $98K by December; which means all the calls for $100K by the end of the year could in fact come true. However, do not count your chickens just yet, we have a few more weeks to go.

For the Podcast of the Week, I choose Bitcoin Fundamentals as Preston Pysh talks with Greg Foss (Bond Expert) and Guy Swann (Bitcoin OG) about the current market conditions and why the bond market is such a big deal.

Well that's a wrapped burrito. Exercise patient and try not to get wrapped up in the day to day drama in the space. Zoom out. Remain focused, Stack Sats, stay STRONG, and HODL on!



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Price: One week ago, Bitcoin was $60,555.75 and now it is $63,560.96. Bitcoin continues to perform nicely as it remains above $60K. Many analyst believe that we will see $100K by the end of the year; fingers crossed.

Altcoins: Best performing top 10 Altcoin for the past week is ETH; it is up +4.98%. It is believed that it will be the fastest horse in the race - even out performing Bitcoin. Runner up is BNB; up +4.20%.

Follow Dat Money: We’re right at $1B this week in the Crypto Ocean. And while the highest tier declined a bit, the low and mid-tiers have increased. Money is flowing into gaming, DeFi, and building out the infrastructure to allow more access to digital assets.

The biggest project is Acala that raised 8.5 Million DOT worth $451.8MM; Polkadot’s first para chain.

Fab Five!


  • Bankless - 91 - Brian Armstrong and The Future of Coinbase

  • What Bitcoin Did - The Future of Politics & Bitcoin with Andrew Yang

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals - BTC051: Bitcoin & Why the Bond Market Is Such a Big Deal w/ Greg Foss and Guy Swann (Bitcoin Podcast)

  • The Pomp Podcast - #718 The Inflation Game w/ Jason Williams

  • Unconfirmed: Alameda Research's Sam Trabucco: What Solana Does Better Than Ethereum


- Price of Bitcoin: 4.96% (week) | Dominance: 43.1% | MC: $2.8T

- Mayer Multiple: 1.40 (.05)

- Nodes: 12035

- Github: 31,383 (120) Commits | 830 (+2) Contributors

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