16 Mar: Yikes! Black Monday Redux


BTC: $4,546.81 | ETH: $103.96 | XRP: $.135 | USDT: $1.02 | BCH: $156.24 MC: $132,405,202,420 | Dominance: 64.32%


  • 1,000 BTC Mined in 2010 Moved for the First Time Amidst Sell-Off (CryptoGlobe)

  • Crypto Is Brewing in Colombia: Active Adoption That Will Wake You Up (Cointelegraph)

  • SEC Proposal Could (Eventually) Unleash Security Token Sales (Coindesk)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - ATTENTION! 🔴 Things Could Get A LOT WORSE For Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. [2 Predictions]


Off The Chain [Anthony Pompliano] - #241 Caitlin Long - Coronavirus: The Pin that Popped the Credit Bubble

The Crypto Campfire Podcast [Mitch & The Perfesser] - Ep. 87 – Crypto IRAs, Taxes, Market Manipulation, and Baby Yoda with Blake Skadron, COO of iTrust Capital

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