16 Nov: Crypto Markets Dump $200B

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Big News Of The Day: Crypto Markets Dump $200 Billion as Correction Deepens

Podcast Of The Day: The Wolf of All Streets: All Money Is Coming To Crypto | Charles Cascarilla, CEO Of Paxos

Video Of The Day: Aimstone: This Bitcoin Chart is Telling us Something Very Important!! MUST WATCH!!

Blog Of The Day: Don’t Be Afraid When Bitcoin Crashes, Keep in Mind How Far We’ve Come and How Far We Still Have To Go

My Hot Take

Crypto markets are deep in the red this morning as more than $200 billion worth of digital assets and derivatives have been liquidated over the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, Crypto mogul Paradigm announced a new $2.5 billion fund to further invest in the industry.

Bitcoin drops below $60K before recovering slightly, the question is can it hold $60K? Possibly if the whales keep buying, 3rd-biggest whale address added 207 BTC at $62K; someone is bullish! Institutional investors are leaping into Cardano and Ethereum as Bitcoin dumps.

Techdev believes Bitcoin just flashed pattern that historically leads to parabolic price rallies; this would be inline with Crypto Birbs prediction that we will see $100K in the coming weeks.

No Galaxy Digital stock listing expected until next year, but net income surges to $517 million for Q3. Galaxy Digital hires former U.S. Acting Solicitor General.


Mark Cuban - locking $50K in tokenized carbon offsets every 10 days

Bank of England - Cryptocurrency risks for the financial sector are getting closer

Matt West - Infrastructure bill can still be remedied

Ned Segal - Investing in Crypto makes no sense right now

Finally, Peter Brandt is done playing with the kids on Crypto Twitter, it got too hot in the kitchen when he called for $53K BTC.

Best Performing Top 10 Asset is: BTC - $60,520.35

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