17 May: The Real Reason (Member's Only)

"A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles."

-William Hazlitt


BTC: $45,175.50 | ETH: $3,493.08 | BNB: $533.38 | ADA: $2.17 | DOGE: $0.50

MC: $2.1T | Dom: BTC - 40.1% ETH - 19.2% | MM: 1.15 | DA Projects: 9,861 (+105)

$1 = 2144 Satoshis

BIG News of the Day!

Caitlin Long reveals the 'real reason' people are selling crypto, Almost all major Bitcoin mining pools now signaling for Taproot activation, and ‘Crypto Twitter’ donates $800,000 in cryptocurrency to child who had leukemia.


My Hot Take

Happy Monday! Yes Bitcoin is down but if you've been in this game as long as I have you'd know this is par for the course. I had a feeling more downside pressure was coming and here we are. On the year chart on a weekly time frame, it would not shock me to see us drop to $35K. If that were to happen, the price would hit the lower Bollinger Band and I am pretty sure all weak hands would be gone.

Now before sounding too bearish, we could get a bounce here and rally back to all-time highs so it's critical that we don't get so bearish that we miss a strong reversal. Could this be an amazing opportunity to buy the dip? Possibly, I remain cautiously optimistic.

I'd encourage you all to tune out as much as possible all of the drama being caused by Elon, climate concerns, etc and remain focused on the fundamentals of the market, the continued adoption, and building being done by the development teams.

As for the projects you should remained focus on in the top 30 would be: ADA, DOGE, DOT, LTC, LINK, XLM, VET, EOS, MATIC - all of which can be purchased on the main exchanges in the US. For some of you this is your first test in HODLing, so stay STRONG and HODL on!


Video of the Day: Altcoin Daily - URGENT: Do NOT Sell Your Cryptocurrency! ALTCOINS ARE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY SINCE THE INTERNET!! Podcast of the Day: What‌ ‌Bitcoin‌ ‌Did‌‌ ‌[‌Peter‌ ‌McCormack‌]‌ ‌-‌ Bitcoiners Control the World with David Bailey Blog of the Day: Sylvain Saurel - U.S. Inflation at Its Highest Since 2008 — Beware, the Stock Market Crash Is Approaching


Digital Asset Market

Inflation winds stiffen as Bitcoin ballast on balance sheets proves its value. I spy with my laser eye: A Twitter phenomenon to make Bitcoin mainstream?

Crypto.com Becomes Official Sponsor for IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Prologue and Chapter 1)

People on the Move


OPINION: Mark Cuban: Crypto prices increasingly reflect “real demand.” The Problem is not Elon or Bitcoin, it is The Fed – Robert Kiyosaki. The “Come to Jesus” Bitcoin Correction Peter Brandt Predicted Has Just Occurred, It Seems.



Tim Draper Stands Up for Bitcoin Amid Elon Musk U-Turn. Crypto PR: The good, the bad and the shoddy. Mark Cuban Responds to Elon Musk, Says Bitcoin and Crypto Will Benefit Society and the Environment. Fear and Greed Index Lowest Since the COVID-19 Crisis. Elon Musk Crashed The Bitcoin Price And Proposed A Radical Dogecoin Upgrade To Beat Bitcoin ‘Hands Down’ And Become The ‘Currency Of Earth’. Elon Musk and Bitcoin: No One Man Should Have All That Power. Analyst Explains Rationale Behind Tesla’s New Stance On Bitcoin. Pantera Remains Bullish on BTC Despite Environmental, Criminal Concerns. Square Doesn't Plan New Bitcoin Purchases, Says Carbon Footprint Has to Be Addressed, BUT Tech Mogul Jack Dorsey Doubles Down on Bitcoin As BTC Faces Wave of Criticisms.

Elon Musk Clarifies Tesla Hasn’t Sold Any Bitcoin: BTC Spikes $2500 Elon Musk tweets BTC price bottom? 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week Peter Schiff Opines Why Tesla Not Dumping Its Bitcoin Is “Even More Bearish” for BTC


Price Analysis

[Macro - Bullish | News - Bearish | On-Chain Analytics: Wildy Bullish]

Is The Current 20% Weekly Drop a Healthy Correction or Sub-40K Coming? Data shows the ‘Bitcoin price drops ahead of CME expiries’ claim is a myth. Bitcoin Looks Extremely Oversold with NVT Lowest for the Entire Rally: Analysis. Bitcoin: Inflation Hedge or Not?

OPINION: Bitcoin Could See Huge Gains in Six Months, Says PlanB – Here’s How High BTC Can Soar. Bitcoin still on track to $100K despite growing risks, says strategic investor Lyn Alden. Bitcoin Is “Apex Predator” for Crypto - people should own small percentage, DOGE Might Be Digital Silver: Anthony Scaramucci. Bitcoin Could Drop Further As Market Remains Antsy, Says Crypto Analyst Dilution Proof. Bitcoin Could Drop to $12k – $15k if it Enters a Bear Market – Analyst MagicPoopCannon.

PREDICTION: Tom Lee Predicts $125,000 Bitcoin in 2021 Despite Tesla's U-Turn. Scott Melker Talks Trading Strategy and Price Targets.


Altcoins & Stablecoins

Altcoins pop while Bitcoin looks for support near $50,000. Roush Fenway Racing First US Sports Team To Launch Fan Token. The Dogecoin (DOGE) Copycats: Shiba Inu and 5 Others You Must Know About.


ADA Prints New ATH of $2.18, While Peter Brandt’s Chart Shows Possible Rise to $2.26. Bullish on Cardano: Top Crypto Trader to Sell Most of His ETH for ADA. Cardano ($ADA) Powered Decentralized Apps Have Potential for ‘Parabolic Gains.’ Cardano To Double in Value Amid Huge Breakout, Predicts High-Profile Analyst. Cardano Targeting Billions, Not Millions of Users, Says Creator Charles Hoskinson.


Dogecoin Co-Creator Slams Elon Musk as "Self-Absorbed Grifter." Crypto Trading Volumes Swell As Numbers for Dogecoin Reportedly Outpace Bitcoin.


XRP Price Rises 17%, Stellar Sets All-Time High


Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Burns $6.7 Billion in Shiba Inu (SHIB) Tokens


Summer shorts: NANO price spike gives traders a chance to bet against the rally


New Cardano Accelerator Has Surged 40,000% Since Launch


Facebook’s Diem Unveils Its Latest Stablecoin Plans and Strategic Move to the United States

OPINION: Bitcoin ‘Bear Whale’ Warns Against Waiting for ‘Parabolic Advances’, Suggests Altcoins Are Overvalued. Most Investors Will Miss Massive Ethereum Price Rally, Crypto Analyst Ben Cowen Warns. Will Cardano Overtake Ethereum? Crypto Trader Alex Saunders Analyzes ETH’s First-Mover Advantage. Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says Ethereum Could Go Higher, Ramps Up Crypto Investments.


Michael van de Poppe: ADA, DOT, AVAX


Getting Off Zero




Steve Harvey Launching NFTs on Ethereum-Based Platform. First-Ever Bitcoin (BTC) NFT Project Joined by Cara Delevingne and Fatboy Slim. Gamifying DeFi Through NFTs With Waves Founder Sasha Ivanov.


Highest Selling Female NFT Artist Itzel Yard Nets 500 ETH for ‘Dreaming at Dusk’


Acceptance and Adoption Cuba to Fight Financial Disturbance by Potentially Adopting Crypto. Billionaire Mark Cuban Becomes Cardano-Curious, Says Dallas Mavericks Would Be Happy to Accept It. Supply chains reimagined: Enterprise DeFi finances personal protective equipment. Blockchain will thrive once innovators and regulators work together.


CBDCs/Banks/Digital Asset Banks

CBDCs Are Not That Stable And May Eventually Kill Bitcoin, Says Financial Expert.



Nothing to Report.


CeFi/DeFi (TVL: $100B)

DeFi growth helps push crypto’s share of the global money supply above 2%. DeFi Deep Dive — Cosmos, Improving Interoperability. Traditional finance has much to learn from new entrant DeFi. AllianceBlock to Launch DeFi Markets on Edgeware Blockchain: Details.

Eight Exciting Crypto Projects to Stake and Earn Passive Income



Nothing to Report.



Crypto firm Delphi Digital launches 'on-chain' NFT fund. Ripple Partners with Sustainability Leaders to Reach Goals by 2030.



Nothing to Report.



Bitcoin and Ethereum usage fees drop 70–80% as market slide continues. What is Solana? A Scalable, Decentralized Network for Dapps. Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer Announces Successful Trial of New Product. What is EdenOS?


Exchanges/Wallet/Custody Argentina Orders Crypto Exchanges to Give Monthly Reports on Users. Standard Custody takes new route to 'qualified custodian' status.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchanges



Bitcoin Incentivizes Green Energy Infrastructure And Elon Agrees. Here’s Proof. Chia Launches Energy-Efficient Token – Here Is How It Works. Fossil Fuelled-Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Commits to Offset Emissions. Iran to Issue Fines for Crypto Miners Using Household Electricity. Galaxy Digital: Bitcoin Consumes Less Energy than Banking and Gold.



‘We Like Partnering With Regulators,’ Says Coinbase CFO Alesia Haas. ‘This Is Gonna Go On for Some Time,’ US Regulators Investigating Binance – Report. NFTs, Ethereum 2.0, Crypto Trading: Tax Day Is Monday—Are You Ready? FATF draft guidance targets DeFi with compliance.

The regulators are coming for crypto: What investors need to know


Would you Believe?

Maximalists at the movies: Bitcoiners crowdfunding anti-FUD documentary film? MySpace Founder Tom Anderson Adds Bitcoin Laser Eyes Amid Elon Musk-Driven Crash?



A 'War on Rugs' Has Been Declared Against Ethereum Creator Over SHIB Transfer. PancakeSwap Lottery Hack: $1.8 Million in Question. Ransomware Gang DarkSide Claims to Have Its Crypto and Servers Seized. XRP Holders’ Petition To End SEC Lawsuit Meets Required Number of Signatures. Ransomware victims have paid at least $81 million in crypto since start of 2021: Chainalysis.


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