18 Nov: Satoshi Revealed?!

"The decision is made in advance and, when well-tempered with discipline, will lead to the desired results."

-Unknown (I Will Claim It)


Big News Of The Day: Was the first reply to the Bitcoin White Paper Satoshi himself? In-depth theory

Podcast Of The Day: On The Margin: Distrust In Banks And Bitcoin Worldwide Adoption | Emil Kalinowski & Jeff Snider

Video Of The Day: The Best Business Show: Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin Plan Explained in 5 Minutes

Blog Of The Day: Want Freedom and Power? Bitcoin Is What You Need, but It Comes at a Price

My Hot Take

Gerald Votta from Quantum Economics has a theory on the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto: the author of the first reply to the White Paper itself.

Bitcoin is trading inside an ascending parallel channel and it's following a very short-term descending resistance line. There is long-term support between $53,700-$54,300. Bitcoin (BTC) investors who bought at 2017 all-time highs and above have still not sold, data suggests.

Altcoins mentioned today: $ADA $ALGO $ETH $SHIB $FLOKI $OPUL $SOL

Analyst are bullish. Tone Vays says low for Bitcoin is likely in, $70K BTC around the corner. Raoul Pal believes Ethereum could see a 300% rally soon. Nicholas Merten sees $EXRD $NRG $MIOTA breaking out soon.

Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, and CEO at Circle announced a new crypto-based permanent initiative called Circle Impact. Its objective is to provide financial support, via the company’s stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), to U.S.-based communities and people without access to the legacy financial system.

In tomorrow's Crypto Curator's Block Party article at Gokhshtein Media will reveal another mind blowing number of money flowing into Digital Assets. Example? Gemini is raising $400MM to build a Metaverse outside Meta walled garden.

Best Performing Top 10 Asset is: ETH - $4,203.65

Well that's a wrap but, continue to read, watch, and listen to the information I curate on my website. I believe you will be well positioned to benefit from the most transformative technological shift we've seen in our life time. Be STRONG and HODL on!

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