19 Feb: Bitcoin remains King


BTC: $10,169.76 | ETH: $282.70 | XRP: $.296 | BCH: $417.71 | BSV: $310.46 MC: 296,500,253,871 | Dominance: 62.40%


  • Crypto Wealth Distributions Suggest Bitcoin Use Greater than XRP, BCH and, BSV (NewsBTC)

  • U.S. Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Proposes Clearer Crypto Regulations (CryptoGlobe)

  • Irish Court Seizes $56 Million in Bitcoin From Alleged Drug Dealer (Cointelegraph)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Alessio Rastani - Here's When Bitcoin's Pullback Will Likely Complete (before it rallies)


Unqualified Opinions [Ryan Selkis] - The Bitcoin Institution with River Financial’s Alex Leishman

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