19 May: The Fourth Cycle

"Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments." -Heidi Reeder


BTC: $9,789.77 | ETH: $214.01 | USDT: $1.00 | XRP: $.204 | BCH: $248.99

Market Cap: $266,230,210,836 | Dominance: 67.42%


VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - Bitcoin’s Price Is About To EXPLODE! Why? Fed Printing Money LIKE CRAZY + SMART MONEY Buying 2020!


Unqualified Opinions [Ryan Selkis] - Halving 2020: The Bitcoin Reformation with Tuur Demeester

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MUDREX - Smart Crypto Investment on Autopilot

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Crypto Entrepreneurs [Crypto Charles] - $100k Monthly Revenue Selling on Amazon and Shopify. How to Replicate it.

Base Layer [David Nage] - Episode 138: Yan Pritzker from Swan Bitcoin discusses his book "Inventing Bitcoin" & working on a new onramp to Bitcoin

Unchained [Laura Shin] - Listen to CZ Compare Binance to Bitcoin - Ep.173

Bitcoin Echo Chamber [Heavily Armed Clown] - Bitcoin Bounty Hunt with Kon BEC038

The Bitcoin Podcast [Demetrick, & Corey] - #309-Ian Kair FinTech Today

Fintech Beat [Chris Brummer] - The futures of Ether, Ep. 52

Chain Reaction [Tom Shaughnessy] - Market Dispersion & Post-Crisis Consequences

Bad Crypto Podcast [Joel Comm & Travis Wright] - Get Social on Voice.com with Salah Zalatimo

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