20 Dec: Crypto Payroll

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-Reinhold Niebuhr


Big News Of The Day: City of Jackson to Make History with Cryptocurrency Payroll Conversion

Podcast Of The Day: SLP332 Vijay Boyapati - The Bearish Case for Bitcoin

Video Of The Day: Prepare for DUMP Then MAJOR PUMP! Bitcoin & Altcoin WARNING! + Future Crypto Predictions! 🚨 | Altcoin Daily

Tweet Of The Day: Bitcoin will change the world - Sylvain Saurel


Jackson, the ninth-largest city in the state of Tennessee, is on track to allow crypto payroll conversion options for residents and Billionaire Ray Dalio gave another positive sentiment, saying he is impressed with crypto while classifying cash as “the worst investment.”

Meanwhile, Bitcoin failed to clear the $48,500 resistance zone against the US Dollar. BTC is sliding, but it could find bids near the $45,500 support zone and 1 BTC passes 800K Turkish Lira. Also, 60% think a new Bitcoin ATH will come before $29K.

Looking at Altcoins, 449.3 Million $XRP wired by anonymous Whale and Binance - $SHIB now has over 1 Million holders as Ethereum Whales control 9% of supply.

Analyst's Corner: Closely followed crypto analyst Justin Bennett is predicting how Bitcoin and $VET will reverse out of their corrections and back into bull territory. According to Light, the massive Bitcoin drawdown has driven retail traders into a panic. But just as they are looking to exit the BTC market, the trader says investors who sold at the top are now looking to reaccumulate BTC. Pseudonymous crypto analyst Credible tells his 282,400 Twitter followers that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) has carved a local bottom and is now poised to ignite a relief rally.

However, Legendary trader Peter Brandt has shared his take on Bitcoin’s current price action, suggesting that the largest cryptocurrency is yet to reach the bottom of the correction due to infinitesimal trading volume.

Benjamin Cowen tells his 663,000 YouTube subscribers that Ethereum has been in a consolidation phase for the better part of 2021 and Pseudonymous trader Altcoin Sherpa tells his 157,900 Twitter followers that he’s looking for Avalanche (AVAX) to continue surging en route to his target at $130.

Best Performing Top 10 Asset is: LUNA - $76.20

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