2022 Election

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Update: I've finished the initial phase of this project. 328 Candidates (who have filed their reports) are running and only 5, 5 folks, actually HODL $BTC. This is interesting and exciting because that means we can orange pill 332 candidate of which some will become Representatives in Congress in 2022! Find your state, and reach out to these candidates to let your voice be heard that you would like them to at least read, watch, and listen to what is going on; if they do that I am sure they will be orange pilled! Check out the spreadsheet.

A good friend of mine who is running of office in Ohio (Matthew Diemer) is a true Bitcoiner; in fact the ONLY Bitcoiner running in the entire state of OHIO!

AND ... By Bitcoiner I mean he actually owns and HODL Bitcoin; as well as other digital assets. He's been that way for years. Wonder if other candidates that try to talk the talk are walking the walk?

Now let me be clear, I am not a Bitcoin Maximalist and there is nothing wrong with being one. However, I will only label YES for those candidates that HODL #Bitcoin.

This post was inspired by Jameson Lopp and he indicated that he was not going to curate the candidates so I decided to do that. Check out the spreadsheet and if you wanna help let me know :)


[1] Alabama - Casey Wardynski

[1] California - Jay Chen

[1] Florida - Jack Achenback

[1] Georgia - Patrick Witt (Holds ETH no BTC)

[1] Ohio - Matthew Diemer

[1] Oregon - Matt West

[1] Pennsylvania - David Galluch (Holds BNB, BCH, ADA, LINK, XLM,


[1] Texas - David Anderson Jr.

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