21 Jan: Bitcoin will be fungible

TOP 5 DIGITAL ASSETS (Promoted brand iTrustCapital)

BTC: $8,629.40 | ETH: $167.28 | XRP: $.236 | BCH: $342.00 | BSV: $319.47


  • Bitcoin Taproot Privacy Update On Track For 2020 (Brave NewCoin)

  • Blockchain Used by Budweiser Owner InBev to Help African Farmers (Cointelegraph)

  • Coffee Drinkers Are Shaping Next Wave of Financial Innovation As Bankers Fear the Rise of Starbucks (The Daily Hodl)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - BREAKING: The United States of America JUST Proposed a BIG Bitcoin Bill 🚀


Unchained [Laura Shin] - Brendan Eich on How Brave Is Working to Decentralize

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