23 Jan: Retail Accumulation

TOP 5 DIGITAL ASSETS (Promoted brand iTrustCapital) BTC: $8,388.85 | ETH: $162.07 | XRP: $.228 | BCH: $335.35 | BSV: $285.34 MC: 232,909,256,417 | Dominance: 65.8%


  • Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise (Coindesk)

  • Bitcoin’s Lighting ‘Torch’ Reignites, Blazes Through 38 Countries in 3 Days (Coindesk)

  • Delegate Hala Ayala, Virginia Lawmaker, Argues Blockchain Can Boost Local Elections, Economy (Coindesk)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Buzz - Bitcoin BAKKT Consumer App to Launch in 2020 with Starbucks | New Bill For Cryptocurrency | Rhovit


Unqualified Opinions [Ryan Selkis] - Stablecoins: The Big Picture with Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire

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