24 Jan: Cash is dead


BTC: $8,409.03 | ETH: $160.96 | XRP: $.222 | BCH: $321.12 | BSV: $278.38 MC: 232,291,628,539 | Dominance: 65.86%


  • Notes From the WEF: Cash Is Dead, Long Live Digital Cash (Coindesk)

  • Five Years of Bitcoin Trendlines All Lead to This One Point; “Fireworks” Inbound (NewsBTC)

  • A Quarter Of Brits Call For Teaching Crypto At Schools Amid Fears Of A Recession (Cryptoslate)

VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - Great News! Bitcoin Is Getting 3 Major Upgrades! 🚀 [Schnorr, Taproot, Tapscript]


Citizen Bitcoin [Brady] - Knut Svanholm: Freedom and Hyperbitcoinization

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