25 Jun: Outperforming

"Faith believes in spite of the circumstances and acts in spite of the consequences." - Adrian Rogers


BTC: $9,262.81 | ETH: $234.06 | USDT: $1.00 | XRP: $.184 | BCH: $235.02

Market Cap: $264,557,735,549 | Dominance: 64.63%

Voyager: Your favorite new Crypto Broker


VIDEO OF THE DAY Altcoin Daily - Bitcoin Price DROPPING as Chainlink Makes Major Partnership w/ China! MOMENTUM SHIFT HAPPENING!


Once BITten! [Daniel Prince] - @Bquittem - When We Look Back In 5-10 Years It will Be Glaringly Obvious The System Was Ready To Burn

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Base Layer [David Nage] - Episode 148: Muneeb Ali from Blockstack and Steve Kokinos from Algorand join to discuss their joint project "Clarity"

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Fintech Beat [Chris Brummer] - The Bank for International Settlements tackles Central Bank Digital Currencies

The Pomp Podcast [Anthony Pompliano] - 322: Amir Haleem on Building the World's First Peer-to-Peer Wireless Network

DYOR Podcast [Tom Buonincontri] - Valuing Bitcoin with Preston Pysh - DYOR 017

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Crypto 101 [Bryce Paul & Mr. Pizza Mind] - Ep. 334 - Earning Bitcoin-back with EVERY Purchase, w/ Fold App CEO Will Reeves

The Scoop [Frank Chaparro] - A high-frequency trading expert explains why you shouldn't fear how Robinhood makes money

The Total Connector [Keyvan Davani] - #100: Douglas Bakkum - Bitcoin Only Hardware Wallet Bitbox02

Layer1 [Dimitry, Mike, CryptoQ_1] - Zaki Manian/Dean Tribble - Inter-Blockchain Communication, Cosmos Network, Agoric, Why We Build Blockchains, DeFi Thoughts

POV Crypto [David Hoffman & Christian Keroles] - 147 - Bitcoin Money, Ethereum Tech w/ Matt Luongo

Bitcoin And … [David Bennet] - Ep 255

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