26 Mar: $350,000


BTC: $6,633.76 | ETH: $135.43 | XRP: $.162 | USDT: $1.01 | BCH: $223.68

MC: $184,382,066,676 | Dominance: 66%


  • Millennials Could Propel Bitcoin (BTC) Price to $350,000 by 2045. Research Shows How (U*Today) [Alex Dovbnya]

  • Bitcoin Firms Report Uptick in Demand for Inheritance Services (Coindesk) [William Foxley]

  • Un-HODLing: Majority Of Sellers During The March 12 Bitcoin 40% Price Crash Panic Sold At A Loss, Report Says (CryptoPotato) [Jordan Lyanchev]

VIDEO OF THE DAY Anthony Pompliano - Pomp Podcast #251: Mark Yusko on How we got to QE Infinity from the Fed


What Bitcoin Did [Peter McCormack] - Bitcoin Tax with Chandan Lodha

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