27 Aug: Weekend Recap (Member's Only)

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


Happy Saturday! Let's get after it...

My Hot Take!

Things appears to be getting boring once again in Crypto. This is what we like, because that means building can happen without distraction. However, this doesn't last long and I don't anticipate we have much time before we get a wild breakout. Which way - I don't have a clue but I am a permabull so...

The 25 day SMA is about to cross $50K. With Bitcoin bumping up against $50K as resistance and the 25/50 day SMA as support you can see what's happening right? Bitcoin will have to decides something but it can't stay here. (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE)

FUNDAMENTAL NEWS: It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you that Banks will eventually adopt Digital Assets. In fact we saw Vast Bank in Oklahoma allow their customers direct access to Digital Assets. Deloitte's survey said the future belongs to Cryptocurrencies; we are watching this play out in real time. It's not just the U.S. - Crypto has gone global. Sam Bankman-Fried at FTX is putting Crypto on stadiums faster than you can bat an eye, which means hundreds of thousands will become more aware of them. Lastly, you've got good old Morgan Stanley who is now off zero with GBTC to the tune of over $1M - but that's not really not a significant amount of money for MS but it's significant because well who they are.

I will remove all subscriptions tonight and on Monday, as I mentioned in my previous post, will continue to update the main website www.thecryptocurator.com and push out the morning daily brief (M-F only) without restriction. The only subscription level I will maintain will be $25 a month and please contact me to coordinate payment via STRIKE or other platforms using $USDC. If you want to use digital assets just remember that will be a capital gains tax.

Well that's a wrapped burrito. Exercise patient and try not to get wrapped up in the day to day drama in the space. Zoom out. Remain focused, Stack Sats, stay STRONG, and HODL on!



Price: One week ago, Bitcoin was $48,470.50 and now it is $48,789.21. So looks like I was incorrect and $50K remains the resistance to conquer. Bitcoin's 25/50 Day SMAs continues to be support. The lower Bollinger Band is around $44K on a 3 month daily chart. We are at the apex of this move so I expect a big move above $50K in the next few days or a breakdown toward the bottom Bollinger Band over the next few weeks.

Altcoins: Best performing top 10 Altcoin for the past week is SOL; it is up +22.28%. Runner up is ADA; up +15.73%.

Follow Dat Money: Well, not quite the $1B mark this week but we did cross half a billion. While Mining and DeFi were the big winners, NFTs continued to attract investor attention, with a third of the projects being funded this week headed that direction. Apparently, they’re the new status symbol for investors.

Fab Five!

  • Monday: Missed

  • Tuesday: The Future Belongs to Cryptocurrencies, Banks Must Embrace It: Deloitte Survey

  • Wednesday: FTX buys naming rights to Cal Memorial Stadium for 10 years in $17.5M deal

  • Thursday: Chainalysis Report Reveals Crypto Has Gone “Global” In 2021

  • Friday: Morgan Stanley Owns Over 1 Million Shares In Grayscale Bitcoin Trust



- Price of Bitcoin: 0.82% for the week | Dominance: 43.7% | MC: $2T

- Mayer Multiple: 1.07

- Nodes: 12070

- Github: 30,391 Commits | 819 Contributors

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