27 Nov: Weekend Recap

"Commit your non-productive activities to paper and physically shred and mentally obliterate them. This is very powerful."

-Sandra Gallagher

Happy Saturday! Let's get after it...

My Hot Take!

The biggest article of the week for me was the Bitcoin City. El Salvador is showing the world what it looks like to truly embrace and adopt Bitcoin. This experience is either going to succeed beyond everyone's imagination or it will totally break the country; my beat is that other countries will follow Nayib Bukele lead.

With the retracement last week and another retracement, Bitcoin continues to struggle and not reach the lofty expectations place on it by many analyst in the industry. This weekend does appear to have some push behind it as it struggles to get back above $60K.

One thing that can help that is if more retirement plans begin adopting Bitcoin. Something tells me that we will get news next week of a large organization that decided to #GetOffZero.

For the Podcast of the Week as the What is Money Show, hosted by Robert Breedlove talking with Raoul Pal about the ultimate framework. Raoul does an amazing job at looking at the big picture of the entire global financial system and it will blow your mind.

Well that's a wrapped burrito. Exercise patient and try not to get wrapped up in the day to day drama in the space. Zoom out. Remain focused, Stack Sats, stay STRONG, and HODL on!



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Price: One week ago, Bitcoin was $58,448.96 and now it is $54,729.76. PlanB has indicated that his "floor" model has failed. We will not see $98K in the next few days and that's okay.

Altcoins: Best performing top 10 Altcoin for the past week is BNB; it is up 2.00%. Runner up is SOL; down -7.73%.

Follow Dat Money: It would have been epic to beat last week's mind blowing funding amount of $6B but we continue to see at least $1B inflows; same song.

The fact that the Celsius raise got oversubscribed demonstrates that money goes where it’s best treated. Investors continue to be bullish on the gaming sector as well as DeFi.

Fab Five!

  • Monday: El Salvador to Build a Bitcoin City: Will Buy $500M More BTC

  • Tuesday: Crypto market grows by $2 trillion in 12 months despite short term retracement

  • Wednesday: Australia’s Rest Super retirement fund to invest in crypto for its 1.8M members

  • Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Friday: Bitcoin offers ‘Black Friday deal’ with sub-$55K BTC price — Just like 2020


  • What Bitcoin Did: Decentralising Bitcoin Mining with Whit Gibbs

  • The Wolf of All Streets: Institutional Adoption Of Crypto Is Here | Aya Kantorovich, FalconX

  • The Ultimate Macro Framework with Raoul Pal | WiM078

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Unconfirmed: Why Astrologer Maren Altman Believes 2023 Will Bring an Innovative 'Cyber Pandemic'


- Price of Bitcoin: 6.01% (week) | Dominance: 41.6% | MC: $2.5T

- Mayer Multiple: 1.17 (.09)

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