27 Sep: $100K Bitcoin Coming Soon

"The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


Big News Of The Day: Crypto Price Prediction: $100,000 Bitcoin Could Come Even Sooner Than You Think With Ethereum Leading The Way

Podcast Of The Day: The Pomp Podcast - #671 Whales Are EATING UP Bitcoin Supply w/ Will Clemente

Video Of The Day: Aimstone: Raoul Pal - Strong Bitcoin Rally Closing 2021! Possibly $250,000 if the pattern repeats!!

Blog Of The Day: Bitcoin’s Success Is Inevitable, but Many Challenges Await It in the Years To Come

My Hot Take

The sentiment hasn't changed. $100K is coming and sooner rather than later; will we see it by Dec 31, 2021 or will it take a bit longer? Think about it. We have about 90 days until the end of the year. Bitcoin currently trades right under $50K - so we are talking about a 50% increase. If Bitcoin were to increase $4K per week we could make it but is that possible or probable? If you chew through the above items - the picture becomes much clearer.

Other news of the day: US House of Reps to deliver verdict on infrastructure bill this week. Cardano partners with Chainlink for DeFi smart contracts development and top strategist Capo believes $ADA has bottomed out and is ready to ignite a new uptrend; to $10! Spanish PortAventura to become the first amusement park enabling Bitcoin payments. Derivatives DEX dYdX beats out Coinbase's spot markets by volume amid China FUD. Finally, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says he's open to settling landmark XRP case with the SEC; will XRP rally?

Continue to read, watch, and listen to the information I curate on my website. I believe you will be well positioned to benefit from the most transformative technological shift we've seen in our life time. Be STRONG and HODL on!

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