30 Jan: Can't Stop Bitcoin

Updated: Jan 31, 2020


BTC: $9,323.37 | ETH: $174.58 | XRP: $.233 | BCH: $381.74 | BSV: $297.85 MC: 255,301,753,967 | Dominance: 66.33%


  • US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Says Regulations Can’t Stop People To Buy Bitcoin (CryptoPotato)

  • Bitcoin 2020 – On the Rise, Better Established, and Much More Stable: eToro Market Analysis (The Daily Hodl)

  • DAI Savings Account Now Beats Stocks (Trustnodes)

VIDEO OF THE DAY George Gammon - How Gold Standard Creates A BOOMING ECONOMY! (Must Watch)


The Crypto Conversation [Andy Pickering] - The Market Maker - Coronavirus & Bitcoin Halving Lead The Macro News Cycle

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