Battle of the Cities and States

If you’ve been around the Digital Assets space for some years, you will know the most bullish state of them all is Wyoming. A state where the newly elected Cynthia Lummis was appointed to the Banking Committee; she’s a strong Bitcoiner. In addition, Caitlin Long has done a tremendous amount of work with the state legislature, making Wyoming a key destination for Digital Assets and the companies that custody them. Just last week, Wyoming lawmakers proposed letting Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) officially register in the state.

From the West we go South, where recently, a city has emerged as the new destination, as Will Smith says, welcome to MIAMI. Mayor Francis Suarez is talking about transforming Miami into a tech innovation hub and embracing Bitcoin and other Digital Assets. He’s even working on a resolution to add Bitcoin to the city's balance sheet and paying city employees with Bitcoin. But wait, Andrew Yang (who is running to become the Mayor of NYC) says if elected, he would make NYC a hub for Bitcoin.

But let’s go back West for a second - shall we? Nevada may give government power to technology and Digital Asset firms. That’s right, a draft bill from the Governor (Steve Sisolak) would actually allow tech companies such as Blockchains, LLC apply to form their own government! How insane is this? A government within a government?

Meanwhile in the Northeast, Rhode Island, a bill was introduced by Blake Filippi and David Placeto help stimulate growth and jobs by creating a “welcoming” environment for fintech companies; which would include Blockchain Technology.

Kick it back to middle America, in Iowa a bill was introduced by State Senator Mark Lofgren that aims to put Blockchain Tech on the same playing field as traditional contracts and recordkeeping.

So as you can see, legislators across the country are waking up to Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology. I can see a coming battle where cities and states across the country will fight to create friendly environments for Digital Asset companies. If it’s one thing I can say, the future is bright so stay STRONG and HODL on!

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