Bitcoin as a Safe Haven/Store of Value (SoV)

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

It appears from the news coverage from 2016 - 2019 (not comprehensive) the thought that Bitcoin being a store of value is all over the map. It floats from absolutely not to absolutely is. Who is correct? Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven? One thing for sure - the conversation is being had much more and the news cycle is talking about it more.


Dan Held Travis Kling, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Ikigai Asset

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist, Bloomberg Intelligence

Jeff Dorman, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Arca

Andrew Kang, Partner at Azoth Group

Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Bitpay Ryan Zurrer (Coindesk) Peter Johnson, Principle at Jump Capital

Murad Mahmudov, Adaptive Capital

ABC News

Edwin Kinoti (ZyCrypto)

Rick D. (be[IN]crypto)



Tiago Vidal (Cointelegraph)


Alex Kruger

Peter Schiff

Ray Dalio

Noelle Acheson (Coindesk)

Charlie Custer (LongHash)

If you believe it is

John Bollinger



Jan 14: NewsBTC - Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven amid Global Shares Uncertainty

Jun 20: CNBC (Video) - Bitcoin is the new safe-haven asset: Analyst

Jun 24: Coindesk - Needham: ‘Brexit’ Boosts Bitcoin Price, But Too Early to Call it a Safe Haven Jun 24: NewsBTC - Bitcoin Price Watch; Responding With A Safe Haven

Nov 09: Coindesk - Despite Trump Bump, Bitcoin Still Strives for ‘Safe Haven’ Status Dec 22: NewsBTC - Bitcoin a Safe Haven in the face of Italian Banking System Crisis


Apr 15: Coindesk - Is Safe Haven Scarcity Becoming a Boon For Bitcoin?

Oct 17: NewsBTC - Banks are Recognizing Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset


Mar 23: Forbes - Is Bitcoin Still A Safe-Haven Asset?

Mar 27: Coindesk - Bitcoin: Safe Haven Asset or Lead Indicator for the S&P?

May 03: NewsBTC - Is Gold’s Position as a Safe Haven Asset Slipping in Favour of Bitcoin?

Sep 04: NewsBTC - Cryptocurrency Remains Safe Haven as Economies of Venezuela And Turkey Collapse

Sep 24: NewsBTC - Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Acquires “Safe Haven” Status After Brexit Woes

Oct 14: Coindesk - Not So Safe Haven? Signs Suggest Bitcoin Might Still Be a Risk Asset Dec 24: Twitter - @Bitgeiniog: Bitcoin as a safe haven thread

Dec 27: NewsBTC - Gold Demand Rising: Investors Turn to Precious Metal as Safe Haven Asset


Jan 01: Cointelegraph - Fred Wilson: Crypto No Safe Haven in 2019, Investors More Wary of Startup Sector Jan 10: Ethereum World News - Bitcoin (BTC) Safe Haven for Countries with Economical Troubles: Nick Szabo Jan 29: NewsBTC - Bitcoin Failed as a Safe Haven to the U.S. Stock Market: JP Morgan Analyst

Jan 30: MarketWatch - Gold Industry Says Cryptos Are No Substitute As Safe Haven

May 16: BTCManager - Bitcoin as a Haven Asset: Investors De-Risking Portfolios Following Dovish Monetary Policies May 16: Ethereum World News - Chinese Entering Bitcoin As Safe Haven, Driving Recent BTC Price Surge: Forbes Jun 17: NewsBTC - Merit of Crypto as Safe Haven Showing: Bitcoin Volume in Hong Kong Spikes

Jun 23: ZeroHedge - Bitcoin Is Back – As A Safe Haven Asset

Jun 27: The Daily Hodl - China Calls Bitcoin ‘Safe-Haven Asset’ As Global Economic Tensions Rise Jul 01: Cryptoslate - Data shows that Bitcoin was the best safe haven asset over the past 3 years Jul 04: RT (Video/Podcast) - Bitcoin: Ultimate Safe Haven? (E1405)

Jul 04: NewsBTC - Prominent Investor: Mainstream Finance Is Now Considering Bitcoin As a Safe Haven Asset Jul 05: Ethereum World News - Bitcoin (BTC), Gold, Safe Havens Continue to Skyrocket in Tandem, Why?

Jul 21: NewsBTC - Silver’s Rally May Be Fueled by Concerns About Bitcoin’s Status as a Safe Haven Investment

Aug 05: NewsBTC - Bitcoin Store of Value Narrative Turning Toward Safe Haven Asset

Aug 06: Coindesk - Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Questions Bitcoin’s Role as ‘Safe Haven’ Aug 06: CNBC - Bitcoin as a safe haven? More a speculative bet, market players say

Aug 07: Cointelegraph - BMO Chief Investment Strategist: Too Soon to Call Bitcoin a Safe Haven Aug 08: Cointelegraph - Bitcoin Safe Haven Sucking in Money From China, Says Blockchain Executive

Aug 09: NewsBTC - Bitcoin & Tether Trading at a Discount in China: What Safe Haven Narrative?

Aug 14: NewsBTC - Investment Analyst: “Bitcoin has Become the Standard of All Crypto” and a “Convenient Safe-Haven

Aug 14: NewsBTC - Safe Haven? Bitcoin Price Falls Below $11,000 Alongside Gold Bull Rejection Aug 15: Bitcoinist - Bitcoin Is Not Acting Like Safe-Haven: Ikigai Founder Aug 15: NewsBTC - Is Bitcoin Not a Safe Haven? Crypto Crashes in Tandem With Dow Aug 18: NewsBTC - Bitcoin as a Safe Haven: Yet Another Recession Indicator Flashes Aug 19: Decrypt - Circle CEO: Bitcoin still a safe haven asset despite recent wild ride Aug 20: TheStreet - Bitcoin Failed as a Safe-Haven Investment Last Week Aug 20: The Block - Analysis: Is bitcoin a ‘safe-haven’ asset during capital market turmoil? Aug 20: Bitcoinist - Bitcoin’s Safe Haven Status Now More Relevant Than Ever

Aug 21: Forbes - Bitcoin vs. Gold: Is Bitcoin Really A New 'Safe Haven' Asset? Aug 23: BitcoinMeister - This week in Bitcoin- 8-23-2019- Contrarian bet, safe haven, hyperbitcoinization, gold, Amber, Bakkt

Aug 25: Cointelegraph - Kraken OTC Head: Bitcoin Is Not a Safe Haven Yet Aug 26: NewsBTC - Bitcoin Jumps as Escalating Trade War Sparks Safe-Haven Run Aug 28: Seeking Alpha - Bitcoin Is Not A Safe Haven Yet Aug 29: NewsBTC - Prominent Investor Says Bitcoin Has “Failed” As a Safe Haven: BTC Slips 5% Sep 05: Coindesk - Cryptocurrency Not Proven Safe Haven Says Investor Mark Mobius

Sep 15: CryptoGlobe - Bitcoin as a ‘Safe Haven’? A Critical Look at Some of the Recent Evidence Sep 25: LongHash - Bitcoin Isn't the Safe Haven for Chinese Investors We Thought it Was

Sep 26: Bloomberg (Video) - Bitcoin Is Becoming a Safe Haven Asset, CoinList President Says Oct 03: Coindesk - Gold, Not Bitcoin, Is Drawing Haven Demand on US Recession Fears Oct 11: Coindesk - Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Like Gold? These Four Charts Say Not Yet


Jan 07: Coindesk - Store of Value Remains Crypto’s Best Use Case

Jan 08: CryptoPotato - Bitcoin Safe Haven: Correlating With Gold and Oil Following Recent Iran-US Clash

Jan 09: CryptoGlobe - Bitcoin Is 'Winning the Adoption Race' (Store of Value) in the Crypto Space, Says Bloomberg Analyst

Jan 09: Coindesk - Travis Kling on Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset

Jan 09: U*Today - Recent Bitcoin (BTC) Price Drop Has Silver Lining. Why Does It Matter? (Digital Gold)

Jan 09: Bitcoinist - 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Correlation to SOV’s Is Incredibly Bullish

Jan 11: Cointelegraph - New Data Suggests Bitcoin and Gold Aren't as Correlated as You Think

Jan 11: be[IN]crypto - How Bitcoin Really Has Become a Digital Gold Store of Value

Jan 14: Bitcoinist - Bitcoin Is The Ideal Safe Haven For UK Citizen Right Now

Jan 21: CryptoPotato - At Davos: Billionaire Ray Dalio Says Bitcoin Fails The Purposes Of Money

Jan 22: Off The Chain Podcast - Peter Johnson, Principal at Jump Capital: How Crypto is Revolutionizing Financial Systems Around the World

Jan 27: be[IN]crypto - Bitcoin, Safe Haven Asset Futures Spike on Global Fears, Unrest

Jan 30: U*Today - Bitcoin (BTC) Price Not Driven by Safe-Haven Buying, Says Peter Schiff

Jan 31: be[IN]crypto - Bitcoin’s Safe Haven Status is Going Mainstream

Feb 03: CryptoPotato - Safe Haven? Bitcoin’s $350 Price Spike, While Chinese Stock Markets Reopen and Plunge 8%

Feb 06: CryptoGlobe - People Are ‘Using Bitcoin Like They’re Using Gold’ as a Safe Haven, Says CME's CEO (CryptoGlobe)

Feb 08: CryptoGlobe - People Are ‘Using Bitcoin Like They’re Using Gold’ as a Safe Haven, Says CME's CEO Feb 10: be[IN]crypto - Stock Market Shows Signs of Bubble as Bitcoin, Safe Haven Investments Pop

Feb 17: be[IN]crypto High Stock Volatility Drives Record Investment in Bonds, Safe Haven Assets Like Bitcoin

Feb 17: be[IN]crypto Bitcoin Safe Haven Strengthens as Fed Likely to Fail in Next Recession

Feb 25: Coindesk Bitcoin’s Coronavirus Selloff Throws Cold Water on Safe-Haven Argument

Feb 25: be[IN]crypto Coronavirus Rise to Bolster Safe Havens, Like Bitcoin

Feb 25: be[IN]crypto Bitcoin’s Correlation With Global Risk Is Weaker Than You Think

Feb 25: NewsBTC Coronavirus Fear Shakes Up Markets, But Crypto Remains Unaffected

Feb 26: Opinion: The Global Market Meltdown Reestablishes The Case for Cryptocurrency as Global Macro Hedge (CryptoPotato)

Feb 26: Bitcoin Decouples From Gold, Has It Lost Safe Haven Status? (Bitcoinist)

Feb 27: Bitcoin (BTC) Narrative Collapses, Gold Is Jewelry: Experts Weigh in on Safe-Haven Assets (The Daily Hodl)

Feb 27: Bitcoin Crashes Along With U.S. Stocks, Exposing ‘Haven’ Myth (CCN)

Feb 27: Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin Hasn’t Been Around Long Enough to Become a Safe Haven (CryptoGlobe)

Feb 27: Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven or ‘Schmuck Insurance’? (Coindesk)

Feb 27: Bitcoin’s Safe Haven Status Tested Amid Coronavirus-Driven Market Decline (be[IN]crypto)

Feb 28: Coronavirus Hits US Stocks, Bitcoin Climbs, Haven Status Unclear (Coindesk)

Feb 28: Bitcoin Needs To Be Completely Uncorrelated To Grow, Expert Says (CryptoPotato)

Mar 02: Past Fed Rate Cuts Suggest Bitcoin Is Not A Safe Haven Asset (The Block)

Mar 03: Bitcoin Decouples From Markets as Gold Disappoints Amid Coronavirus Fears (be[IN]crypto)

Mar 04: Bitcoin Has ‘Solidified Role’ as Investors’ Digital Gold — Grayscale (Cointelegraph)

Mar 05: Safe-Haven Or Not: Why Bitcoin Price Is Correlated With Wall Street Over The Past Week? (CryptoPotato)

Mar 05: Cryptocurrencies Are Not a Safe-Haven Asset, Says Expert (Cointelegraph)

Mar 09: Cryptos No Refuge in Market Carnage as Bitcoin Slumps to $8,000 (Bloomberg)

Mar 10: Bitcoin Tested as a Safe Haven After Biggest Stock Crash Since 2009 (Cointelegraph)

Mar 10: Bitcoin Can Still Be A Safe Haven, Experts Say (Decrypt)

Mar 11: Trading Legend John Bollinger Explains Whether Bitcoin (BTC) Is Safe Haven Asset (U*Today)

Mar 12: Bitcoin Can Be a Safe Haven Asset, Just Not a Reliable One (Longhash)

Mar 17: Yes, Bitcoin Is still A Safe Haven Asset Despite Mammoth Price Drop (ZyCrypto)

Mar 17: Why Bitcoin’s Safe-Haven Narrative Has Flown Out the Window (Coindesk) Mar 18: Bitcoin Safe Haven Narrative in Question After Biggest Drop in 7 Years (Cointelegraph)

Mar 18: ‘Don’t Count Bitcoin Out’ – Safe Havens Perform Following Crises (be[IN]crypto)

Mar 18: Redefining ‘Safe Haven’: Predicting the 2020 Future by Learning From the 2012 Past (Cointelegraph)

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