Bitcoin Halving

Updated: Apr 17

This topic is constantly being talked about in the news. So what is the general consensus? Is the event already priced in? Review the coverage since Jan 2020. Leave a comment on what you think! Here is a great blog post.


27 Jan: Bitcoin’s Halving Captures Growing Interest – Among Google Searchers (Coindesk)

22 Jan: Bitcoin Risk-Adjusted Returns Beat Gold, Stocks After Each Halving (Cointelegraph)


08 Apr: Bitcoin's Halving Not yet Priced in, Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder Says (CryptoGlobe) [Michael LaVere]

09 Apr: COVID-19 Has Reduced the Risk of a Post-Halving Price Dump (Cointelegraph) [Joshua Mapperson]

13 Apr: Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Not To Repeat Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Pattern: Trader Mati Greenspan (U*Today) [Vladislav Sopov] 15 Apr: Options Market Signals Doubt Bitcoin Price Will Rise After Halving (Coindesk) [Omkar Godbole] 16 Apr: Crypto Hedge Fund Guru Su Zhu Says Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Supply Shocks Will Surprise Many Unsuspecting Traders (The Daily Hodl) [Daily Hodl Staff] 10 Mar: Bitcoin (BTC) Investors Should Expect 'Rapid Turnaround' Before Halving: Market Analyst Jehan Chu (U*Today) 06 Mar: Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model on Track For Colossal Gains After Halving (be[IN]crypto) 02 Mar: Bitcoin Still on Track For Massive Gains After Halving (Bitcoinist) 21 Feb: Bitcoin Halving Has Not Yet Been Priced In, and These 5 Arguments Prove That (Sylvain Saurel) 19 Feb: Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Is Not Priced In, Says Lolli CEO Alex Adelman (U*Today)

23 Jan: The Reason Why Bitcoin Halving Can’t Be Priced In Before It Actually Happens (CryptoPotato)

13 Jan: Study: Why The Upcoming Halving May Not Be The Catalyst For The Next Bitcoin Bull Run (ZyCrypto)

10 Jan: Here’s Why the Bitcoin Halving Is Definitely Not Priced In: Analyst Alex Krüger (The Daily Hodl)

03 Apr: Bitcoin to Head Lower Into Halving, Hit ATH by Sept: Morgan Creek Partner (be[IN]crypto) [Rick D.] 07 Apr: Crypto Research Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Shakeout Before Breakout As Halving Approaches (The Daily Hodl) [Daily Hodl Staff] 19 Mar: Why Bitcoin’s Halving Might Not Boost BTC’s Value This Time Round (EWN) 24 Feb: Bitcoin Is Far Likelier to Drop Before Its Halving Event, According to Analyst (be[IN]crypto) 24 Feb: Crypto Traders Should Brace for Bitcoin (BTC) Drop Ahead of Halving, According to Two Top Analysts (The Daily Hodl) 10 Jan: Bitcoin Halving 2020 Won’t Pack Enough Punch to Pump Price, Claims Study (be[IN]crypto) 03 Apr: What to Expect When You’re Expecting... the Bitcoin Block Halving (Cointelegraph) [Benjamin Pirus] 02 Apr: Blockstream CEO Adam Back Says Bitcoin Halving Is 'Quantitative-Hardening' (CryptoGlobe) [Siamak Masnavi] 02 Apr: How Financial Models Could Move Bitcoin’s Price After the Halving (Coindesk) [Tobias A. Huber] 02 Apr: Looking for a Halving Payday? Quick Wins in Investing Are Rare (Coindesk) [Osho Jha] 02 Apr: Why The Bitcoin Halving Will Change Everything (Bitcoinist) [Trevor Smith] 31 Mar: Bitcoin (BTC) Immensely Oversold Before Halving, Targeting $7,800 Soon (U*Today) [Yuri Molchan]


01 Apr: More Bitcoin Miners Expected to Capitulate Before BTC Halving. Here's Why (U*Today) [Alex Dovbnya] 28 Feb: Are Miners Prepared for the Halving of Bitcoin (Cointelegraph) 27 Jan: Bitcoin-BTC-1 difficulty Adjustments Mirror Previous Halving Cycle (U*Today)

03 Jan: Mining Giant Bitmain May Lay Off Another 50% of Staff Before BTC Halving (Cointelegraph)


20 Jan: Bitcoin Hash Rate Hit a New ATH, And It’s Crucial Leading Up to Halving (NewsBTC)

31 Dec: Bullish Bitcoin Hashrate Continues Climbing as Halving Approaches (be[IN]crypto)


27 Jan: Effect of CME Futures Option on BTC Price Depends on Halving (Cointelegraph)

07 Jan: Bitcoin Options Market Shows Halving Is Not Priced In: Skew (U*Today)

Price Predictions

19 Mar: Bitcoin Price Plunge To $2K Just Weeks Before Halving Expected, Prominent Analyst Claims (ZyCrypto) 21 Jan: Bitcoin Price Could Crash To $5k Before Halving Bull Run, Analyst (Bitcoinist) 25 Feb: Newsflash: Even With The Impending Halving, Bitcoin (BTC) Unlikely To Pierce $10k In Near Future (ZyCrypto)

02 Mar: Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Rally 100% to $18,000 by the 2020 Halving (NewsBTC) 17 Jan: Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Head for $18,000 with ‘Halving Pre-Pump’ in Three Months: Crypto Analyst (U*Today) 12 Mar:Bitcoin (BTC) Price Likely to Reach $30,000 After Halving: Top Trader Tells U.Today (U*Today) 02 Jan: Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 after Halving, Rather Than $100,000, Analyst Says (U*Today) 06 Apr: Will Bitcoin Price Hit $70,000 Post Halving? (Bitcoinist) [Trevor Smith]

20 Jan: Bitcoin Will Reach $400,000 After Halving, History Dictates (be[IN]crypto)

10 Jan: 3 Technical Indicators Analyze Probability of a Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run After Highly Anticipated Halving (The Daily Hodl)


The Crypto Conversation [Andy Pickering] - The Market Maker - Coronavirus & Bitcoin Halving Lead The Macro News Cycle

The Cryptoconomy Podcast: [Guy Swann] - 026 - The Halving is Not Priced in, Here's Why

4 Minute Crypto [Gary Leland] - Google Searchers For Bitcoin’s Halving Growing Base Layer [David Nage] - Base Layer Episode 127: Nick Neuman & Jameson Loop discussing Key Management, Bitcoin for Institutional Investors, the Halving and more. Altcoin Daily - BITCOIN IS BREAKING OUT! Should I Buy? What Price Will Bitcoin Be At The Halving? PREDICTION TIME!🔴🔵 Off The Chain [Anthony Pompliano] - #256: Matt D'Souza on the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving, Miner Sell Pressure, and Why it's Important



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