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Blockchain Adoption - how real is it?

Updated: Feb 23

I continue to hear people say that there is no adoption or use of Blockchain in real world cases. I decided to go back over the news for this year to see if that has merit. Real through these articles and you tell me? Adoption or not?

19 Feb: Forbes Blockchain 50 (Michael del Castillo)

In Use

19 Feb: Cloud Giant Microsoft Azure Embraces Commercial Blockchain (Cointelegraph) [Lition]

18 Feb: UEFA Euro 2020 Mobile App to Utilize Blockchain to Distribute Over 1 Million Tickets (BTCManager) [Video]

18 Feb: China: Blockchain Deployment Rises Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (Cointelegraph)[Alipay Xiang Hu Bao Blockchain]

14 Feb: Blockchain Use Gains Momentum in Oil Industry for Being Safer, Cheaper and Cleaner (Cointelegraph) [Vakt]

13 Feb: Vermont Turns to Home-Grown Blockchain Company to Track Hemp With Ethereum (Coindesk) [Trace]

09 Feb: Chinese Insurance Firms Use Blockchain to Process Coronavirus Claims (Cointelegraph) [Alipay Xiang Hu Bao Blockchain]

07 Feb: South Korean University Issues Blockchain-stored Diplomas Amid The Spread Of The Coronavirus (The Block) [Broof]

05 Feb: Gartner Research: Smart Contract Adoption to Increase Data Quality by 50% Over 3 Years (Coindesk)

03 Feb: UAE Health Ministry Debuts Blockchain Platform for Medical Data (Cointelegraph)

03 Feb: The Decentralized Ride-sharing Disruptors Taking On Uber (Decrypt)

30 Jan: 15 Top Human Resources Managers Launch DLT-Based Credentials Platform (BTCManager)

27 Jan: Travel Platform Travala Expands Payment Options With NEM (XEM) (Cointelegraph)

27 Jan: UK’s Lancashire Cricket Club Now Uses Blockchain Platform to Sell Tickets (Cointelegraph)

27 Jan: Reebonz Luxury Goods Platform Adopts VeChain (VET) (BTCManager)

24 Jan: New Cryptographically Secure Communication Technology Designed to Challenge Money Laundering Operations (The Daily Hodl)

24 Jan: Italian Winery Adopts Interactive Screw-Caps With Blockchain Verification (Cointelegraph)

23 Jan: USDT-Tron, Cosmo Payment Options Integrated by PornHub via TronLink Wallet (U*Today)

23 Jan: Ethereum App Adoption Rising, With 1.28 Million Active Users in 2019: Report (The Daily Hodl)

23 Jan: Hacker Noon Is Storing Content on a Blockchain After Ditching Medium (Coindesk)

17 Jan: Survey: 36% of Small Businesses in America Accept Virtual Currency Payments (BTCManager)

17 Jan: IBM’s TradeLens Blockchain Solution Embraced by the Global Maritime Industry (BTCManager)

16 Jan: IOTA (MIOTA) Set for Widespread Adoption by Top German Software Firm (BTCManager)

15 Jan: First Private Search Engine For The Decentralized Web Goes Live (Bitcoinist)

15 Jan: Mediterranean Olive Oil Producer Uses IBM Blockchain to Fight Food Fraud (Cointelegraph)

15 Jan: China Launches First Facial Recognition Car Rental Service Using Blockchain Technology: Report (The Daily Hodl)

14 Jan: Beijing's Government Registers Offices On 'menu Blockchain' In Streamlining Bid (The Block)

14 Jan: Power Ledger Integrates Blockchain-Based Energy Auditing in Solar Power Asset (Cointelegraph)

14 Jan: Blockchain-Based IBM Sterling Adds Advanced Supply Chain Tracking Features (Cointelegraph)

13 Jan: Crypto Insider Says Venezuela on Pace to Lead Merchant Adoption As Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Volume Sets New Record (The Daily Hodl)

10 Jan: Propy Completes Real Estate Transaction Using Blockchain (BTCManager)

07 Jan: IBM Blockchain App Promotes ‘Virtuous Cycle’ for Sustainable Coffee (Coindesk)

07 Jan: Spain’s Third-Largest Bank Rolls Out Blockchain-Based Platform Using Hyperledger Fabric (The Daily Hodl)

07 Jan: Crypto-Friendly Partner of Booking.com That Accepts BTC, BCH, XRP Increased Its Revenue By 33 % (U*Today)


20 Feb: Bank of Korea (BOK) Developing Blockchain-Based Bond Issuance System (BTCManager)

19 Feb: Successful Supply Chain Management Pilot Project Launched by IVHIMPROM and Credits Blockchain (NewsBTC)

18 Feb: Four Telcos Test Blockchain Solution To Automate Roaming Discounts (Cointelegraph)

10 Feb: $3.75B Food Safety Company Enlists Blockchain Startup to Track Sourcing (Cointelegraph)

10 Feb: Mercedes-Benz and Circulor Team Up to Launch Blockchain Pilot (The Daily Hodl)

05 Feb: Australia: Perth Mint Taps SMX Blockchain Technology for Gold Traceability (BTCManager)

29 Jan: Swiss Firm Poised to Launch Compliant IPO on Ethereum Blockchain (Cointelegraph)

28 Jan: Ditto Music to Launch App Offering Speedy Blockchain Solution (Cointelegraph)

27 Jan: Digital Courts Trial Decentralized Justice, Real World Weighs Verdict (Cointelegraph)

23 Jan: Blockchain-Based Shopify Plugin Ensures Consumers Receive Authentic Products (Cointelegraph)

22 Jan: Venezuelan Team Working on Bitcoin Mesh Network Based on Offline Radios (Cointelegraph)

22 Jan: OECD Launches Blockchain Expert Group to Promote DLT Adoption (BTCManager)

16 Jan: South Korea: Postech University to Issue Diplomas on ICONLOOP’s BROOF Blockchain Platform (BTCManager)

14 Jan: Off-Blocks Launches US Government-Tested Digital Signature Service in Beta (Coindesk)

13 Jan: US Treasury Department Trials Blockchain-Based Platform Using Tokens (The Daily Hodl)

09 Jan: TikTok’s Owner Pivots to Blockchain as App Security Flaws Grow (be[IN]crypto)

08 Jan: World’s First Blockchain-Powered Phone Arrives At CES 2020 (Bitcoinist)

07 Jan: Mega Multi-billion Dollar Firms Are Building On Ethereum, And It’s A Good Sign (Cryptoslate)

06 Jan: StrainSecure Seed-to-Sales Blockchain Cannabis Tracker Is a Gamechanger (Cointelegraph)

03 Jan: Guangdong Blockchain Financing Platform Aims to Help Small Business (Coindesk)


10 Feb: Australian Government Eyes Business Benefits in New National Blockchain Roadmap (Coindesk)

31 Jan: Two Social Networks Announce Plans to Integrate YouNow’s Props Token (Coindesk)

30 Jan: Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Eyes Blockchain to Solve Data-Privacy Crisis (Cointelegraph)

23 Jan: Cardano Co-Founder Meets Former Georgia PM, Commits to National Blockchain Program (be[IN]crypto)

22 Jan: Chinese Experts Suggest Using Blockchain Tech in “Social Credit” System (Cointelegraph)

09 Jan: Turkey’s University Center to Develop Blockchain Projects on Cornell Prof’s Ava Platform (Cointelegraph)

08 Jan: IGWT Block Aims To Bring Blockchain To The Second-hand Mobile Phone Market (The Block)

07 Jan: US State of Virginia Legislature Looks to Blockchain for Elections (Cointelegraph)

03 Jan: Ubisoft Might Be The First Major Games Company To Geek Out Over Blockchain (Cointelegraph)

What's Possible

20 Feb: Blockchain for the Environment: It Is Real and It Is Here (Cointelegraph)

19 Feb: Indian IT Giant Tech Mahindra and Local Gov’t Launch Blockchain Accelerator (Cointelegraph)

10 Feb: Cryptocurrency Adoption: How Businesses Are Adapting to the Blockchain Revolution (Cointelegraph)

10 Feb: US Federal Highway Administration Backs Blockchain Research Project (The Daily Hodl)

06 Feb: How Crypto Can Solve Payment Woes for Online Content Creators? (Bitcoinist)

06 Feb: Fuse Blockchain With Social Virtual Reality and You Get the Future of Global Gaming (NewsBTC)

05 Feb: Blockchain Tech Could Help Tackle Coronavirus, Says Expert (Cointelegraph)

04 Feb: Blockchain Plays an Unlikely Role in the Global Battle for Human Rights (Cointelegraph)

28 Jan: Executives at Coinbase and Ripple Unveil New Push to Advance Cryptocurrency Adoption in the US (The Daily Hodl)

27 Jan: Blockchain Could Secure You Your Dream Job, Billionaire Hints (Bitcoinist)

23 Jan: Bakkt's Consumer App Is Coming In 2020, And It'll Look More Like Paypal Than Coinbase (The Block)

23 Jan: How Can Blockchain Improve Data Storage? (Cointelegraph)

20 Jan: How Real World Use Cases Will Drive Crypto Growth in 2020 (Cointelegraph)

16 Jan: The Open Index Protocol Aims to Decentralize Media (Coindesk)

16 Jan: How This Solution Could Unlock Massive Adoption For Ethereum (Bitcoinist)

08 Jan: Sony’s Car Points to a Future of Machine-to-Machine Crypto Payments (Coindesk)



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