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Bullish on Ethereum ($ETH)

Price: $229.30

As I've been curating the news, I've noticed a bullish tone from across the industry on Ethereum. It appears we are all waiting for Ethereum to reach $250 but it looks to be a challenge. The strongest voice for the bullishness of Ethereum is Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder Capital.

Ethereum continues to be the platform of choice for projects to build on. The platform is seeing record use by dApps, DeFi, and others use cases are growing.

This is not a comprehensive curation just articles, podcast, and social media mentions I curated while publishing my daily briefs which you can find here.

CURATED NEWS - JUNE 2020 Technical Analysis 31 May: Ethereum Price Analysis: After 15% Weekly Gains, Can ETH Break $250 First Time Since February? (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh 31 May: Messari: ETH Share On Ethereum’s Blockchain Contentiously Declines, Might Soon Tumble Below 50% (CryptoPotato) Jordan Lyanchev 31 May: Ethereum (ETH) Contracts Spark Interest and Volume Skyrockets on Deribit, Skew Analysts Say (U*Today) Vladislav Sopov 01 Jun: Ether Options Trading Reaches Record Volume on Some Exchanges (be[IN]crypto) Jon Buck 02 Jun: Just 100,000 Addresses Have Enough ETH to Stake (Trustnodes) 03 Jun: Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust Offering ETH at 700% Premium (be[IN]crypto) Rahul N. 04 Jun: After A False Breakout, Can Ethereum Finally Get Beyond $250? ETH Price Analysis (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh 04 Jun: Ethereum (ETH) Price 'Explosive Upmove' Revealed by Investor Dan Tapiero (U*Today) Vladislav Sopov 04 Jun: Ethereum Options Open Interest Surges to $140 Mln While BTC OI Holds Over $1 Bln on Deribit (U*Today) Yuri Molchan 05 Jun: Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis — $250 Still Attainable in June? (U*Today) Denys Serhiichuk 08 Jun: ETH/BTC Expected to Print Golden Cross Ahead of Ethereum 2.0 Launch by Trader (U*Today) Alex Dovbnya 08 Jun: Ethereum Records $500,000+ in Single-Day Network Fees, Overtaking Bitcoin (be[IN]crypto) Rahul N. 08 Jun: Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis — Will Bulls Reach $250 Soon? (U*Today) Deny Serhiichuk 08 Jun: Data Shows Ethereum Transactions Are Surging in 2020 as Institutions Jump Onboard (BTCManager) Shaurya Malwa 08 Jun: Trio of Analysts Bullish on Ethereum (ETH) As Cryptocurrency Shows Robust Fundamentals (The Daily Hodl) Staff 09 Jun: $290 or $228, Two Possible Scenarios for Ethereum Ahead of ETH2.0 (EWN) John P. Njui 10 Jun: One More Metric Shows Ethereum Is Setting Stage for Another Price Rally (U*Today) Alex Dovbnya 10 Jun: Analysis: 80% Of ETH in Externally Owned Accounts in Profit Ahead of Ethereum 2.0 Launch (CryptoPotato) Jordan Lyanchev 11 Jun: ETH Looks For Support at $225 Following a 7% Plunge. Ethereum Price Analysis (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh 12 Jun: 80% of Ether Supply in Profit Leads of Fears of a Price Drop (Cointelegraph) Turner Wright 14 Jun: Ethereum Options Open Interest Soars 315% — Are Institutions Bullish? (Cointelegraph) Marcel Pechman 14 Jun: The 50-Day MA is Ethereum’s (ETH) Next Level of Support if $228 Breaks (EWN) John P. Njui 14 Jun: Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Sideways Action Might End Soon By Huge Price Move (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh 14 Jun: Someone Is Buying Shares in Grayscale's Ether Trust for More Than $2,000 (Cointelegraph) Samuel Haig 15 Jun: Ethereum Bulls Accumulate For $300 High After Altcoin Hits Key Entry Level (ZyCrypto) John Kiguru 15 Jun: Venture Capitalist Chris Burniske Forecasts Bitcoin Burst to $50,000, Says 3,132% Ethereum Rally Will Outshine BTC (The Daily Hodl) Staff 16 Jun: Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis — Can Bulls Push Coin to $250 in Current Bounce Back? (U*Today) Denys Serhiichuk 16 Jun: $300 ETH? Ethereum Looks to Be Next Major Crypto to Follow Cardano (Cointelegraph) Michael Van De Poppe 16 Jun: ETH Looks Indecisive Despite 4% Daily Gains, More Pain Ahead? Ethereum Price Analysis (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh 17 Jun: Over 3 Million Ethereum Addresses Now Hold At Least 0.1 ETH (CryptoGlobe) Siamak Masnavi 17 Jun: Ethereum (ETH) Price to Surge Orders of Magnitude, DeFi Involved, Analyst Joseph Todaro Says (U*Today) Vladislav Sopov 18 Jun: Ethereum Price Analysis: Bullish Trend Intact But ETH Is Testing Critical Support (CryptoPotato) Yaz Sheikh

Opinion 31 May: Ethereum Developer Danny Ryan Speaks On Eth 2.0 Progress, Gives Insights On New Features (Cryptoslate) Shaurya Malwa 02 Jun: Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin: Cryptocurrency Must Expand Beyond World of Finance (The Daily Hodl) Staff 02 Jun: Vitalik Buterin States That The Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Strategy Is Succeeding (Brave NewCoin) Andy Pickering 02 Jun: Ethereum Second-Layer Scalability Still Needs Work, Says Starkware CEO (Cointelegraph) Adrian Zmudzinski 03 Jun: Binance CEO CZ Says He's Looking Forward to Decentralized Social Media Running on Ethereum 2.0 (U*Today) Alex Dovbnya 09 Jun: Ethereum Layer-Two Solutions Lack Real World Usability, Says Skale CTO (Cointelegraph) Andrey Shevchenko 10 Jun: Ethereum Will Likely Unseat Bitcoin (BTC) As Top Cryptocurrency, Says Nikita Zhavoronkov Blockchair Lead Developer (The Daily Hodl) Staff 10 Jun: This Political Conversation With Vitalik Buterin Shows How Ethereum Could Change the World (Coindesk) Leigh Cuen 12 Jun: Crypto Hedge Fund Managers: Ether More Like ‘Digital Tungsten’ (Cointelegraph) Turner Wright

17 Jun: Vitalik Buterin Comments on Ethereum's Controversial Monetary Policy (U*Today) Alex Dovbnya Use

31 May: Prysm Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Surpasses 300,000 Slots, 32.35 ETH Staked on Average (Trustnodes) 01 Jun: It's A Layer 2 World, And Ethereum Is Almost Living In It (Decrypt) Jeff Benson 03 Jun: Federal Reserve Endorses Ethereum-Backed Alternative To Libor (Forbes) Jason Brett

03 Jun: Matic Launches Mainnet Aiming to Bring More ‘Firepower’ to Ethereum (Coindesk) Danny Nelson 04 Jun: Ethereum Has Become Bitcoin’s Top Off-Chain Destination (Coindesk) Zack Voell 04 Jun: Ethereum's Hashrate Reaches Its Highest Level in Over Seven Months (U*Today) Alex Dovbnya

04 Jun: Ethereum May Not Be Perfect, but Most DApps Still Like to Run With It (Cointelegraph) Julia Magas 15 Jun: We Couldn’t Wait for ETH 2.0: Blockchain Game Kronoverse Explains Move to Bitcoin SV (CryptoPotato) Greg Thomson

16 Jun: Ethereum Logged Its Busiest Week on Record (Coindesk) Omkar Godbole 17 Jun: Bullies Beware: Colombia Using Ethereum To Protect Lunch Money (Decrypt) Mathew Di Salvo 18 Jun: Reddit Taps Community To Scale Ethereum Crypto Rewards System (Decrypt) Andrew Hayward 18 Jun: Telos to Support Ethereum-Compatible Smart Contracts on Its Network (Cointelegraph) Marie Huillet

18 Jun: Ethereum Will Soon See 2,000 TPS with Matter Labs's Zero-Knowledge Layer-2 Application (BTCManager) Shaurya Malwa 18 Jun: MyEthereWallet Will Let You Easily Host Your Decentralized Website (Cointelegraph) Andrey Shevchenko


15 Jun: Crypto VC Chris Burniske: DeFi, Strong On-Chain will See Ethereum (ETH) Reach 5x its ATH (BTCManager) Shaurya Malwa 16 Jun: DeFi Could Have a Bigger Impact on Ethereum than ICOs (be[IN]crypto) Martin Young 16 Jun: ConsenSys Spins Up Staking Service in Anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 (Coindesk) Ian Allison 16 Jun: Six Crypto Firms To Join Ethereum 2.0 Staking Pilot Project (Decrypt) Adriana Hamacher 18 Jun: ConsenSys Unveils Ethereum Staking Services Ahead of ETH 2.0 Launch (be[IN]crypto) Martin Young 18 Jun: Ethereum Defi Protocol Assures “User Funds Are Safe” After Rumored Attack (Bitcoinist) Nick Chong Misc 15 Jun: More Than $2 Million Worth Of Ethereum Goes Unclaimed (Decrypt) Alexander Behrens 18 Jun: Ethereum Foundation Makes Second Crypto Donation to UNICEF (Coindesk) Leigh Cuen Tweetstorm Chris Burniske - DeFi: Flexing Ethereum Podcast Ledger Cast [Brian Krogsgard and Josh Olszewicz] - The Ethereum bull train is crowded POV Crypto [David Hoffman & Christian Keroles] - 143 - Bullish Bitcoin and Ethereum with Kyle Davies Layer1 [Dimitry, Mike, CryptoQ_1] - Burniske Bullish ETH, State of Stablecoins, Blankos/Axie Infinity Announcements

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