Bullish on Ethereum Redux

Back in Jun of 2020, I curated a report on why I thought Ethereum was bullish. At that time, Ethereum was trading at $229.30. Fast forward to today and Ethereum is trading at $1,234.92 with projections as high as $20K. The overall news has been wildly bullish for this digital asset and you will hopefully get a better picture. Here is synopsis from all my daily briefs for this year:

Sell setup triggers on Ethereum following monster 50% two-day surge, but there are 5 factors that show bulls control Ethereum price even after a 26% correction. In fact, Bitcoin's bullish setup to send Ethereum to $2,000, asserts Jeb McAfee and Digital Asset Analyst SmartContracter who called Bitcoin bottom says Ethereum is set to skyrocket past all-time high. In addition, on-chain metrics suggest Ethereum could still be undervalued.

Grayscale investment strategy may be driving up Ethereum’s price and an astonishing $2 Billion is now staked in Ethereum 2.0; Ethereum’s growing transaction fees shouldn’t stop users. Technicals are bullish for the ETH/USD pair.

Ethereum price breaks past $1,200, could climb to $1,320 as it consolidates near an all-time high; Google searches surge. Analysts say Ethereum may replicate Bitcoin's 2016 bull run and Ethereum (ETH) could hit $2k in the next 5 months. Top Analyst Capo says sky’s the limit for Ethereum and Ethereum ‘might well go to $20,000 this cycle,’ says former Goldman Sachs exec Raoul Pal.

Number of Whales with 10,000+ ETH hits 1-year high as ETH inches closer to its 2018 ATH. However, Ethereum corrects 20%. Institutional rocket fuel could soon boost Ethereum, says macro investor Dan Tapiero. Ethereum (ETH) feels cheap during a bull run – Tyler Winklevoss and Analyst Credible Crypto who called this week’s XRP rally forecasts what’s coming next, says Ethereum poised to outperform Bitcoin.

Ethereum flips Bitcoin in yearly network fee generation as 1.4 Million ETH longs close; ETH could face resistance near $1,130. Ethereum facing major hurdles and the 100 SMA could trigger fresh rally. Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss says Ethereum ($ETH) is ‘Decentralized Amazon cloud computing.’ Ethereum fails again at $1,150: Dips could be limited. Number of Ethereum Whales jumps as ETH search interest hits new all-time high.

So as you can see, the sentiment is bullish and I hope you make the right decision for yourself on this asset. Buckle up because this ride is about to get bumpy!

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