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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

As the price of Digital Assets continue to rise, the more risk also rises due to the value you leave on exchanges.

We continue to see more assets pulled from exchanges and placed into "Cold Storage." What is that you ask? It's when you move your Digital Assets from an exchange and place them on a device that you control in your possession.

There is a term in the world of Digital Assets that says Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins (NYKNYC) or in the words of Isaiah Jackson, Not your Keys, Not your Cheese! So below I will link some video tutorials on the best wallets and how to use them.

Dan Held provides sound wisdom on how to store your own Bitcoin.

Top 5 Hardware Wallets for SAFE Crypto Storage [Coin Bureau] (I personally like KeepKey the best)

Things to consider when choosing any Hardware Wallets:

  1. Assets. If you HODL obscure assets - some wallets will not be applicable to you

  2. Platform. Some are not compatible with Apple (Bizarre right?)

  3. User Interface (UX). I find the KeepKey to be the easier and most intuitive to use.

Hardware Wallets

There are a lot of other things to consider but the above review by Coin Bureau should provide you enough to choose a device, next are some tutorial on actually setting up the devices.


KeepKey [The Crypto Dad - Rex Kneisley]

Ledger [Ledger]

Trezor Model T [The Crypto Dad - Rex Kneisley]

Coldcard [Matt O'Dell]

Ellipal [The Crypto Dad - Rex Kneisley]

Lastly, this is not comprehensive but hopefully it puts you on the right path! This was inspired by a question from my good friend Brian Ondrako.

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