Have a Game Plan

Alessio is a really good TA guy

Update: So after watching the entire video here are some of my thoughts and some of the ways I will be looking at this.

  1. I am still a believer that I will HODL Bitcoin no matter what because as Michael Saylor says it's like land in Manhattan. When should a person who bought it sell it? Never.

  2. Have a long term outlook. "The arc of the financial history is long and it bends toward Bitcoin." However, due to some upcoming purchases, I will probably begin to scale out once it crosses $100K. I have buckets and there is one for LONG TERM NEVER SELL.

  3. I plan on shifting assets into a Trust and sell it there to mitigate the tax liability.

  4. Dry Powder. I have another bucket that I will shift into $USDC and HODL - (earning yield while I do on a platform like Voyager or Celsius or Ledn or yadda yaddda yadda) - until I believe the market has bottomed so I can scoop up cheaper #Bitcoin with the hopes of replacing the ones I liquidated so that in the longer term I maintain my position.

Will this project me? Will it allow me to benefit no matter the scenario? Let's see how it plays out! The point I am trying to make is that you need to have a game plan and NOW is the time to figure it out - not ONCE it crosses $100K!

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