Fastest Path to $1M?!

Could he be correct? Think about this --- 2012: $5 for 1 $BTC and today that same $BTC will be $35K. So, 2021: $35K for 1 $BTC and in 2031? I believe Bitcoin will be far north of $1M. So buy #Bitcoin and HODL! Wait people - wait.

CHALLENGE: Get the CashApp and buy $25 a week in Bitcoin. Set it and forget it and let's come back in 1 year (Jun 12, 2022) and let's see how much you have. I am willing to wager [The first 100 people] that the number is higher not lower. If lower I will make up the difference. If higher you give me 10% of the amount in the app on Jun 12, 2022. (If this is even legal. lol )

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