11 Jan: Is The Bottom In?

Updated: Jan 15

Bitcoin Whitepaper (Audio)


Monday - New Crisis In The Middle East: Good For Bitcoin, Bad For The World (Decrypt)

Tuesday - Baidu Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency Xuperchain (CryptoGlobe)

Wednesday - Bitcoin Safe Haven: Correlating With Gold and Oil Following Recent Iran-US Clash (CryptoPotato)

Thursday - Bitcoin Is 'Winning the Adoption Race' in the Crypto Space, Says Bloomberg Analyst (CryptoGlobe)

Friday - Bitcoin's Taproot/Schnorr Upgrade Proposal Is 'Nearly Ready' As It Moves Through Developer Feedback Phase (The Block)


What Bitcoin Did [Peter McCormack] - The Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Part 1: Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Why We Need Bitcoin

Stephan Livera [Stephan Livera] - Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Mastering Lightning & Using Btcpayserver

The Crypto Conversation [Andy Pickering] - China and Blockchain - Why China Sees Blockchain As A Strategic Pillar For The Next Decade Of Growth

Unqualified Opinions [Ryan Selkis] - Bitcoin’s Civil War & Toxic Maximalism with Samson Mow

Off The Chain [Anthony Pompliano] - Michael Dunworth, CEO of Wyre: How Blockchain is Transforming Cross-Border Payments

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