Key Twitter Personalities

Updated: Jan 29

Since the development of this nascent technology, many experienced traders and analyst have flocked to the Digital Asset industry. The following are key personalities that are regular voices on Twitter:


Andreas Antonopoulos [504.7K] - Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Expert, Speaker, Author "Mastering Bitcoin", "The Internet of Money" & "Mastering Ethereum"

Technical Analyst

The Crypto Dog [171.4K] - Started mining #btc in 2011. Full-time market commentator.

Galaxy [60K] - #Cryptocurrency accumulation machine

NebraskanGooner [38K] - Level Exchange founder

dave the wave [20.5K] - accurately made many successful predictions on the price on Bitcoin

Brian Swan [6.3K] - Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) with 15+ years experience in TA

Tyler S Crypto [4.6K] - Technical Analyst


Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano [306.2K] - Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital

Matt Odell [35.5K] - Bitcion & Privacy

Marty Bent [23.8K] - Editor in Chief of Marty's Ƀent, a daily newsletter about #Bitcoin

Paddy Stash [13.7K] - Crypto enthusiast | Lion Tamer | Memory Surgeon



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