Reduce Information Overload (BETA)

Long story short: For target news sent to your mobile device: Text - 1 (214) 380-2013 to be added.

The Crypto market has grown to a point where it is nearly impossible to keep up with everything that is happening and for the most part I assume many of you don't really want to know about everything.

The way I've currently curated news it does just that, force you to see everything that is happening. Well, I am trying something new.

I now have access to the Community platform which will allow me to send you news alerts, directly to your mobile device without an additional app.

I've created a SMS community on the platform that you can text keywords that you are interested in and I will ensure you are the first to know. Text any of the following keywords to +1 (214) 380-2013 and that's it. (If you don't see your interest let me know and I will add)









DeFi or CeFi


Metaverse or Gaming or DAO

I will not spam you but only send relevant information directly to your phone. I will need your feedback so if you get something you didn't find interesting OR if you are getting too many notification let me know. I will tweak the system over the next month and will launch it officially in 2022. If all goes well I might take down the website and shift my blog to where I currently blog.

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