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Updated: Jun 7

There are a ton of YouTube Video Channels that I follow and would encourage you check them out as well. [Updated 07 Jun 2021]

Blockchain Education

Andrei Jikh [1.59M] - Discusses a lot of digital asset information but talks about all financial issues.

Coin Bureau [1.07MK] - go-to informational portal to the Cryptocurrency galaxy.

Alex Becker [709K] - discusses business, self-improvement and basically whatever else is going on in my life.

Sheldon Evans [668K] - Crypto, tech and finance.

Ivan On Tech [468K] - International blockchain speaker and educator covering technical aspects of Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology.

Benjamin Cowen [453K] - Academic who provides high quality cryptocurrency education

Lark Davis [386K] - created channel to help you learn about cryptocurrency investing so you can diversify your portfolio, grow your wealth, and make money.

CryptoRUs [375K] - The latest Bitcoin and Crypto news, analysis, and research. Two daily streams at 11:30 AM / 8:00 PM CST.

Digital Asset News [294K] - digital asset bite-sized pieces

Andreas Antonopoulos [271K] - best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts.

Dapp University [175K] - Learn to build decentralized apps on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Hashoshi [135K] - to cut through the hype and provide accessible, free education about blockchain, cryptocurrency, & emerging technology.

Trader University [95.3K] - Trader University is an educational platform for people who are serious about learning how to make money in the financial markets

DeFi Times [209] - is a blockchain agnostic crypto and DeFi education platform. Watch interviews, ecosystem updates, DeFi news, and so much more!

Curated News

Altcoin Daily [832K] - Aaron and Austin twin brothers bring you DAILY videos on everything Bitcoin, altcoins and cryptocurrency.

JRNY Crypto [537K] - covers Bitcoin, Altcoins, Blockchain, Fintech, and Finance. Altcoin Buzz [254K] - cover digital assets and exciting Projects in the Cryptocurrency space and do Daily Crypto News and Weekly Technical Analysis on all the top Cryptocurrencies.

Chico Crypto [250K] - Informational Cryptocurrency and altcoin videos for the beginner to advanced Crypto enthusiast.

The Modern Investor [218K] - Up to date daily info on the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world. Crypto Daily [197K] - Cameron provides us a daily look at the Crypto industry.

Crypt0 [121K] - Omar Bham provides a variety of content, including daily livestreams that feature the latest Cryptocurrency opinions, rumors, news, sentiments, interviews & more.

Technical Analysis

Data Dash (Nicolas Merten) [461K] - a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis Alessio Rastani [311K] - provide educational and informational content about the major markets.

Crypto Capital Venture [268K] - A technical recruiter in the startup world of Blockchain and Crypto & he's an investor.

Chris Dunn [219K] - This channel is all about helping you learn skills to thrive in today's economy.

Tyler S [174K] - Daily show providing technical analysis of the Crypto market.

Crypto Jebb [118K] - Daily show providing technical analysis of the Crypto market. Tone Vays [111K] - Tone Vays is a former JP Morgan VP turn Bitcoin Technical Analyst. Bob Loukas [62.5K] - a must watch channel. He's a trader of 25+ years focusing on the Gold Markets and Bitcoin/Crypto. Real-Crypto [30.6K] - for people wanting to learn about Cryptocurrencies, or just hear me talk about Crypto related things.

BlockRoots (Josh Rager) [14.6K] - where you'll get Crypto market updates and the latest information on trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptoassets.


Token Metrics [77.7K] - Find profitable crypto investments and filter out scams.


BlockchainBrad (Brad Laurie) [26.4K]

Venture Coinist (Luke Martin) [25.9K]

On The Chain (Jeff & Chip) [16K] BitcoinLive (Jan & Nick) [10.4K] Bitstocks TV (Michael Hudson) [5.08K]

Crypto Campfire (Mitch & The Prefesser ) [442]

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