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Response to Altcoin Daily

Yesterday, (April 18th, 2020), Aaron from Altcoin Daily published a video titled: Global Pandemic Planned? Government Will Reveal Something Big! PREDICTION TIME! [Opinion] and this is my response to him.

While I was not one to prepare for some cataclysmic event, I do enjoy planning and it's what I intend to do as a result of this Pandemic; think ahead.

Aaron starts by talking about getting mask. I agree, had we not listened to the government and everyone started to wear mask immediate, maybe that would have flattened the curve sooner. I know that I am planning on getting an ATOM mask.

Next he lays out four points on how life is going to change:

1. Cashless Society. He encourages us to go back and watch this video: đź”´WARNING: America AND China Will BAN CASH & Start The Bitcoin Bull Run. [Opinion] đź‘Ť. In addition, I encourage you to watch George Gammon's video: Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED! My Hot Take: I agree with him and George. The monetary system around the globe is about to change and I credit Bitcoin with forcing this change. Yes, the Pandemic speed up the change but I believe the creation of Bitcoin woke them up. Now the question is how are you prepared to operate in a truly digitized financial system? I don't think it's a this or that, because everyone will use the monetary system, however, I plan to stay humble and #StackSats. When I don't want my transactions censored I will use #Bitcoin.

2. Universal Healthcare. Yes, I believe we will have universal healthcare. I believe access to quality healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. However, I believe we can do a better job at lowering the cost by maintain optimal health with our habits. We can't put this burden solely on the government we need to do our part. My Hot Take: I've always taken a preventative approach to my health and I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. Preventative is less expensive than Corrective. I make it a goal to visit my doctor once a year for a full physical (blood work included) and I do a LifeLine Screening every 3-5; possibly increase to annually since my family have a history of CHF and stokes. In addition to that I make it a goal to watch what I eat. Yes I do eat McDonalds (so does Pomp) but in moderation.

3. Universal Basic Income. After purchasing and listening to Andrew Yang's book titled "The War On Normal People," it became clear to me that this is sure to happen. Once I became more aware of what was happening in the REPO market, QE, and the newest round of stimulus, I knew it's happening! Add on Pomp's most recent Off The Chain post this is sure to come. My Hot Take: Should we or shouldn't we have UBI isn't the question for me, I believe it will happen. The real question is can you ensure you are not one who needs it. I believe some people do in fact need a hand UP, but others of us, have the knowledge, skills, and desire to create value and make a difference. Be the solution and not the problem. I disagree with Aaron in that the money is there. No it's not - they are printing the hell out of it: Money Printer go Brrrrr. So I agree - Buy #Bitcoin!

4. People on the Blockchain. He talks about Microsoft's patent, where using human energy to power a Blockchain. It does sound freaky and weird. Micro-chipping people and linking that chip to the Blockchain is definitely possible.

My Hot Take: I've been saying for a while that every baby will be chipped and when they look back - they will see it as weird that people were not chipped. Just as we chip animals and to find an animal without one is odd. Will there be a sector of society that refuse and will live outside the "normal" system? Sure. The question for me is will I opt in or out? I can't say for certain which I will choose. I hope that policy makers and the people will demand that privacy is maintained. I believe that once Bitcoin is fully mature, it will have all the necessary components to maintain privacy and in that instant being put on the Blockchain could make sense.

I will end with this quote: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” ―Heraclitus



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