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Status of Bitcoin Mining

While being interviews on the Blockchain Business Magazine, the question was asked about the profitability of miners. I decided to checkout all the curated news information I have collected since the start of 2020. Here is what I found:


16 Jan: Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Difficulty Hits New Record High as Miners Become More Powerful (U*Today) 17 Jan: Chinese Miners Leaving Iran, Eye Uzbekistan (Trustnodes)

24 Jan: Fear of Mining ‘Death Spiral’ Blocks Path to $100,000 Bitcoin (NewsBTC)

27 Jan: Over 1,000 Crypto Miners given Licenses in Iran (The Block)

29 Jan: Publicly Traded Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Announces Pending CEO Departure, Reworked Deal With Hardware Maker Bitfury (The Block)

29 Jan: Montana Crypto Mine Back in Action Despite Owner's Uncertain Legal Fate (Cointelegraph)

29 Jan: Bitcoin Mining Farms Not Closing Because of Coronavirus (Trustnodes)

31 Jan: Coronavirus Controls in China Are Delaying Crypto Miner Deliveries, Firms Say (Coindesk)

13 Feb: Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s Shares Valued at $8.04 After Surging 80% (Cointelegraph)

13 Feb: Coronavirus Disrupts Electronics Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Miners Could Face Difficulties (be[IN]crypto)

20 Feb: US a Major Bitcoin Miner Again; How Layer1’s Launch is Bullish for BTC (NewsBTC)

20 Feb: US Bitcoin Miner Aims to Repatriate 30% of Hash Rate Citing National Security (Cointelegraph)

20 Feb: No, Concentration Among Miners Isn’t Going to Break Bitcoin (Coindesk)

25 Feb: Chinese Bitcoin Miners Headed To Central Asia? (Decrypt)

28 Feb: Are Miners Prepared for the Halving of Bitcoin (Cointelegraph)

06 Mar: Who Will Mine Bitcoin When Prices Hit $1000? ‘last Miner Standing’ (Bitcoinist)

06 Mar: Why Bitcoin Mining Might Be the New Business Model for US Power Plants (Coindesk)

06 Mar: Bitcoin Mining Activity Expected To Surge As Chinese Hardware Makers Shake Off Coronavirus Slowdown (The Block)

10 Mar: Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Difficulty Hits New All-Time High (U*Today)

10 Mar: Bitcoin’s Plunge Was Foreshadowed by Miner Inventory Data (Coindesk)

16 Mar: Wipe Out! Why Many BTC Miners Just Got Liquidated In China (Decrypt)

16 Mar: Price Drop Casts Pall Over Bitcoin Miners’ Equipment Upgrades (Coindesk)

17 Mar: Bitcoin Trades Below Production Cost, Miners Are Better Off Buying (NewsBTC)

18 Mar: Analyst: “Miner Capitulation” Narrative Proves Bitcoin Is Bottoming (Cryptoslate)

18 Mar: Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Retraces 40% This Month, Slips Under 100 EHash/s (be[IN]crypto)

19 Mar: Data Shows Bitcoin Miners are Now Unprofitable; Here’s What This Means for BTC (NewsBTC)

20 Mar: Miner Capitulation: Hash Rate is Dropping Faster Than Bitcoin Price (NewsBTC)


19 Mar: Stephan Livera [Stephan Livera] - 158 John Lee Quigley – How Does A Bitcoin Price Crash Impact Bitcoin Miners?



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