Thoughts This Week (10 Jan 2021)

Each week, I will pull together what key personalities in the Digital Asset space are saying about Bitcoin and Altcoins. Before I do are you aware that there are 8,222 projects? I've noticed that this number keeps rising and rising. Andreas Antonopoulos once said that there would be millions of digital assets, I think he might be right.

Based on the views below - it appears that Bitcoin could have a really great 2021 if this comes true!

Peter Brandt updates Bitcoin forecast, says BTC’s third parabolic advance just beginning. Analyst Willy Woo says we will never see Bitcoin price below $20,000 and says "don't sweat" Bitcoin buy in price, $300K is coming. Anthony Scaramucci: Bitcoin could be $100K by year end, $300K when there’s an ETF. Catherine Coley, Binance US CEO, predicts $100K Bitcoin by 2022. Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says Bitcoin will surpass $200,000. Kraken’s Dan Held explains why Bitcoin could be in early days of super cycle to $1 Million and Raoul Pal says Bitcoin now targeting $1 Million by 2026.

So you've heard what they've had to say - what say you?

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