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Updated: Feb 6

It's true that XRP is by far one of the most despised assets in the world of Digital Assets. Why? Because it's viewed as a centralized asset that is making Ripple the company rich at the expense of the retail investors that are buying and holding the asset. Many call it a Shitcoin.

I believe XRP is not designed for retail investors, instead it's a Digital Asset that is a utility token for the banking industry to move large sums of money across borders inexpensively. While it might appears the news and chatter about this asset is dwindling, based on my daily curation I'd say the opposite.

Journalist across publications are infatuated with the asset and seem to report more on it than any other Altcoin on the market; U*Today reports more than most. Take a look:


Jan 02: Ripple Exec Builds Platform For Artists To Sell Music For XRP And Keep ‘100% Of Revenue’ (The Block)

Jan 07: Crypto-Friendly Partner of Booking.com That Accepts BTC, BCH, XRP Increased Its Revenue By 33 % (U*Today)

Jan 09: Ripple Effect: The Biggest Companies That Began Supporting XRP in 2019 (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 14: Who’s Using Ripple’s XRP Payments Product? These 24 Fintech Companies Say They’re on Board (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 20: 38 of the World’s Largest 100 Banks Have Tested, Integrated or Invested in Ripple’s Remittance Technology: Report (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 20: Bitpay Launches New Support For XRP, Users Now Able To Purchase Gift Cards With XRP (ZyCrypto)

Jan 20: Ripple Partnering With Thailand Crypto Exchange to Boost XRP Payments Network (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 21: You Can Now Buy Amazon Giftcards With XRP Thanks to Bitpay (CryptoGlobe)

Jan 22: Global Finance Company Processing Trillions in Payments Per Year Testing Ripple’s Remittance Network (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 22: 212,000,000 XRP Sent From South Korean Crypto Exchange to Mysterious Wallet in Less Than a Month (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 24: Showtime For XRP: BIS Exec Calls Cross-Border Payments A ‘Top Priority’ (Bitcoinist)

Jan 27: Ripple’s Cross-Border Bet on XRP Just Hit Record-Breaking Volume in Mexico and the Philippines (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 31: Ripple’s XRP Payments Network Launches on Global Platform With Over 500,000 Users (The Daily Hodl)

Feb 06: Ripple Launches Global XRP Payments Network in Five Corridors (The Daily Hodl)

Price/Technical Analysis

Jan 02: Ripple Price Analysis: New Decade, Old Resistance – XRP To Overcome $0.20 In January? (CryptoPotato)

Jan 03: XRP Kicks Off Another Year Of Decline With Potential Bear Pennant Breakdown (NewsBTC)

Jan 06: XRP Price Spikes Over 8 Percent, Regaining $0.21 Price Level (U*Today)

Jan 06: Analyst Says XRP Has Moonshot Potential, Warns Third-Largest Cryptocurrency Is Facing One Major Hurdle (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 06: Ripple CEO: We Can’t Control XRP Price Any More Than Bitcoin Whales (Cointelegraph)

Jan 07: 3 Reasons Why XRP is Climbing Right Now (Bitcoinist)

Jan 07: XRP Price Remains +10% as Weiss Ratings Predicts More Noticeable Growth Could Follow (U*Today)

Jan 08: Ripple’s XRP Price Likely to Hit Next Target of $0.239 Soon, Crypto Trader Believes (U*Today)

Jan 08: XRP Briefly Traded at More Than $8,300 and Nobody Noticed (be[IN]crypto)

Jan 10: XRP Will Never Cost a Fortune, Crypto Trader Says, But Community Thinks Otherwise (U*Today)

Jan 14: XRP To Moon? Critical Buy Signal Flips For Only Third Time During Bear Market (NewsBTC)

Jan 15: XRP Price Can Reclaim $0.33 If Bulls Hold Current Level for a Week: Crypto Trader (U*Today)

Jan 17: XRP Price Shows Signs of Strength, $0.30 as First Target: Crypto Trader (U*Today)

Jan 20: XRP Price Could Break Dozens of Percent Higher If This Level is Breached (EWN)

Jan 20: XRP’s Violent Rejection at Key Resistance Level Spells Trouble for What’s Next (NewsBTC)

Jan 21: What Could XRP Price Be If Courts Decide It’s A Commodity? (Bitcoinist)

Jan 22: XRP Squeezing Toward Potential Breakout — Price Analysis (CryptoGlobe)

Jan 22: Ripple’s XRP Remittance Volume Increased 650% in 2019 (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 22: Ripple's XRP Sales Decline Dramatically in Q4. Will XRP Price Rebound? (U*Today)

Jan 23: XRP’s Days Of Pain Could Soon Be Over After Blockbuster Q4 2019 Report (ZyCrypto)

Jan 24: XRP’s Days Of Pain Could Soon Be Over After Blockbuster Q4 2019 Report (ZyCrypto)

Jan 29: These Factors Suggest XRP Could See a Parabolic Rally Towards All-Time Highs (NewsBTC)

Jan 30: XRP in Dangerous Waters, Must Push Above This Mark to Stay Afloat: Crypto Analyst Jacob Canfield (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 30: Ready For Liftoff: Two-Year Downtrend Breakout Could Lead to $14 XRP (NewsBTC)

Jan 31: Ripple Price Analysis: Following 8% Weekly Gains, Did XRP Finally Find The 2020 Bottom Against Bitcoin? (CryptoPotato)

Feb 04: XRP Volume Flips Bitcoin (BTC) on Crypto Exchange Bitso As Ripple Gains Traction in Mexico (The Daily Hodl)

Feb 04: How XRP Price Could Plunge to Fresh Lows With BitMEX’s New Swap Launch (NewsBTC)

Feb 05: XRP Bucks Crypto Market, Strategist Says Bitcoin (BTC) Must Hold This Line to Avoid Major Breakdown (The Daily Hodl)

Feb 05: XRP Surges 11% As BitMEX Adds XRP/USD With 50x Leverage: Ripple Price Analysis (CryptoPotato)

Feb 06: Bullish Year: Ripple’s XRP Has Outperformed Bitcoin And The Wider Crypto Market In 2020 (ZyCrypto)


Feb 04: This One Event Could Send XRP’s Price Flying, Analysts Predict (EWN)

Feb 04: Ripple’s XRP Is Dogsh*t Says BitMEX CEO (Bitcoinist) Feb 05: Galaxy’s Novogratz: XRP Will ‘Underperform Immensely Again This Year’ (Coindesk)

Feb 06: Ripple CEO Boasts Of Huge XRP Gains In 2020 (Bitcoinist)

Feb 06: Ripple Chief Strikes Back After Mike Novogratz Predicts XRP Will ‘Underperform Immensely’ in 2020 (The Daily Hodl)

Feb 06: Ripple CEO Berates Bitcoin Performance in Shameless XRP Shill (be[IN]crypto)


Jan 20: Finnexus To Use XRP Ledger To Implement Tokenized Asset Platform (Cryptoslate)

Jan 21: Ripple's Partner MoneyGram Ventures Into Asia-Pacific Region After Signing Major Deal (U*Today)

Jan 21: XRP Liquidity Index on Bitso Hits Another ATH – Will MoneyGram Set Corridor to UAE? (U*Today)

Jan 22: Ripple Solutions Continue To Expand With Tranglo Improving Its Remittance Services (UTB)

Feb 05: Intermex Partners With Ripple for XRP-Based Remittance Corridor (Coindesk)

Feb 06: SBI Becomes RippleNet’s Leading Remittance Partner (Bitcoinist)


Jan 01: Ripple Releases 1,256,000,000 XRP, Part of It Goes to Wallet Allegedly Belonging to Chris Larsen (U*Today)

Jan 01: Ripple’s Close Ties to XRP May Haunt the Crypto Throughout 2020 (EWN)

Jan 02: XRP’s Fundamental Strength May Spell Trouble for What’s to Come in 2020 (NewsBTC)

Jan 02: Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity Hits Record High on Mexico Corridor (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 06: 900 Mln XRP Goes Back to Escrow After Ripple Released 1,256 Bln Coins On January 1 (U*Today)

Jan 06: Ripple CTO Compares XRP to iPhone (U*Today)

Jan 16: Is XRP’s Success ‘Inevitable’ Because Of Ripple’s Participation? (ZyCrypto)

Jan 17: Ripple Effect: MoneyGram Stock Shoots Up 22 Percent. Will XRP Follow Suit? (U*Today)

Jan 22: Ripple CTO: No, XRP Transactions Cannot Be Blocked (Bitcoinist)

Jan 22: Ripple Executive Outlines Company’s Strategy for XRP, Says International Focus Is Key (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 22: Ripple Is One of Disruptors in Blockchain Gaming, According to SBI Investment Korea (U*Today)

Jan 23: Showtime For XRP: BIS Exec Calls Cross-Border Payments A ‘Top Priority’ (Bitcoinist)

Jan 24: Amount of XRP Sold by Ripple Decreased 80% in Q4 2019 (CryptoGlobe)

Jan 24: XRP Threatened By CBDCs: Will They Hinder It From Breaking Its 2-Year Bear Phase? (ZyCrypto)

Jan 24: Ripple and Davos: XRP Mentioned in World Economic Forum (WEF) Toolkit (U*Today)

Jan 27: Analyst Warns XRP Could Plunge By Dozens of Percent: Here’s Why (EWN)

Jan 27: Twitter Blocks XRP Payments Platform Amid Rumors of Bitcoin (BTC) Integration (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 27: What Impact Would a Ripple IPO Have on XRP Price? (Cointelegraph)

Jan 27: Ripple IPO Will Help Increase XRP Price: Major XRP Supporter (U*Today)

Jan 27: Ripple Says XRP and Crypto Assets Poised for Substantial Growth in This $5 Billion Industry (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 27: LESSON: Ripple And XRP: The Complete Guide (Bitcoinist)

Jan 28: Ripple’s Next Phase Could Render XRP Worthless and Obsolete, Says Boom Bust Anchor (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 29: Ex-UFC Fighter & Bitcoin Bull Ben Askren: XRP is a Scam (EWN)

Jan 29: Nearly 93.5 Mln XRP Sent Between Crypto Exchanges – Is Ripple IPO News Causing This? (U*Today)

Jan 30: XRP 9 Liquidity Index Comes Close to 13 Mln – New All-Time High Achieved (U*Today)

Jan 31: XRP Developer Shuts Down Second Project (XRPTipBot) in One Month (Bitcoinist)


Jan 07: XRP Trading Pairs To Be Delisted By Line Owned Crypto Exchange BitBOX (Bitcoinist)

Jan 09: Upbit Exchange To Re-Open XRP, LTC, and EOS Trading (Bitcoinist)

Jan 29: 49,999,995 XRP Sent to Bitstamp – Is This Cryptocurrency Giant Behind the Curtain? (The Daily Hodl)


Jan 07: Binance Futures Now Offers XRP/USDT Perpetual Contract (CryptoGlobe)

Jan 08: Binance CEO Denies XRP Insider Trading, Litecoin Futures Addition Suggests Otherwise (be[IN]crypto)

Jan 23: BitMex to Launch XRP Swaps, Delist 2 Other Derivatives (Coindesk)


Jan 14: XRP Could Be Classified as a Security by SEC, According to CFTC Chairman (U*Today)

Jan 15: Bitcoin and ETH Are Commodities, While XRP’s Status Is Unclear, CFTC Says (Cointelegraph)

Jan 16: Judge Keeps Ripple in Suspense as XRP Securities Lawsuit Continues to Loom (U*Today)

Jan 17: Ripple Says Lawsuit Could Destroy Multi Billion-Dollar XRP Marketplace and Wipe Out Investors (The Daily Hodl)

Jan 20: Ripple CTO on XRP Securities Lawsuit: "Our Attorneys Have the Best Words" (U*Today)

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