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Markup Assist:Change a wall or plane’s planar or flat orientation into a non-flat orientation. (video: 1:07 min.)Design Studio:Design and review on the go. All the design and annotation tools you need, right on your iPhone. The Design Studio is a mobile workspace designed specifically for the new mobile-enabled capabilities in AutoCAD 2023. (video: 1:43 min.)Smoke Detection:Using audio processing and machine learning, new Smoke Detection capabilities can help you quickly and accurately detect smoke and fire from a distance.Command Panels:Command Panels make it easier to access your most frequently used commands, right from your toolbar. You can now quickly switch to another drawing window with the Add-In command.Load a Previous Design in Design Manager:When you finish a drawing, Design Manager makes it easy to store it for future use. Now, you can load the previous design you have saved.Icons:You can now use icons to denote the plane of a wall or roof.Drawing Area Organizer:Find drawings that you need quickly, even if they are buried deep in your design data folder. The Drawing Area Organizer allows you to organize drawings by their areas.Content-Aware Scaling:You can now specify a custom scaling factor for the last design that was opened. The scaling factor is set to 1 when the drawing is first opened, but you can set it to a different value later on.Virtual Quotes:AutoCAD 2023 includes new commands to add hyperlinks to text in your drawings. Virtual Quotes, a new drawing tool, lets you add hyperlinks from within your drawings.Hierarchy Manager:The Hierarchy Manager allows you to organize your drawings into groups, allowing you to keep related files together in one folder.Image Libraries:View, edit, add, and delete image assets directly from your toolbars. Save large libraries of assets and use them across all your drawings.Cloud Auto Save:Store your drawings online, wherever you are. Any changes you make will be saved automatically.Filter Styles:The Filtering option allows you to show only the styles that are relevant to a drawing.Curvature Drawing Tools:The Curvature Drawing Tools 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

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